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I tried to bleed my brakes the other day and not a drop came out. I brought it in thinking something was weird and they told me that there was contamination of the brake fluid. They think that somehow Power Steering fluid or oil got in there, which causes the seals in the brake line to swell and deteriorate.

I've looked around on the web and done some calling around, I can't get a great answer as to how little is actually little enough, nor to how long a very small amount will take to do this. I did find that a 5% power steering fluid will cause enough swelling within a couple days, and a higher percentage will do it slightly quicker. I'm not sure about the amount to 'top off' the brakes if the wrong fluid was used. The initial mechanic and the dealership say that it could take a few weeks or months to cause enough swelling like this. The brake shop that i went to a few months ago is trying to say that since i have a lot of mileage since going there that it now is magically not their fault - regardless of the fact that I brake less with all the highway miles... anyways I digress. Before the owner got in, it was plausible to them. Whatever. That's the argument I'm still in the middle of.

Anyways, the first place that diagnosed and the dealership suggest replacing most of the brake system - all rubber parts including seals and hoses as they have all likely swelled or are at least contaminated and could recontaminate new parts. Again, I'm not sure where the 'cut-off' point is for that, sorry I wish i had more info. Since I had ABS there is a very expensive module that goes with that, without it repairs were looking around US$1800, with that part another grand on top of that.

Some sites are suggesting that if it is a smaller amount that you might be able to get away with just the master cylinder, which is probably about $100-200 or so to replace. If it got into more than that, then you would likely need to do the whole kit and kaboodle.

Before bleeding the brakes or replacing anything, you would want to get a new turkey baster (to avoid more contamination) and suck out the power steering fluid that should have risen to the top as it should rise above brake fluid and hopefully just be in the reservoir and if you are having issues it probalby got some into the master cylinder. Dispose of the baster after use as it is not good for gravy That way, a normal bleeding afterwards should have less or none of the contaminant, reducing the chance for ruining more seals further down in the calipers and stuff.

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Q: What would cause Little of no brake fluid to all four wheels?
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Why is no brake fluid going to rear wheels 1998 Malibu?

Check the ABS Dump Valve. If not operating, little or no fluid to rear brakes.

What cause the rear wheels to keep locking up?

Rear brake cylinders or calibers are corroded and need to be replaced. Also drain the replace all brake fluid.

What happens if you put sugar in brake fluid?

You get brake fluid that will cause tooth decay

What could cause the ABS and brake light to come on a Chevrolet sedan?

A brake fluid leak in the brake system, LOW BRAKE FLUID.

Which part helps to push brake fluid through the brake lines towards either your front two wheels or your back two wheels?

Master cylinder.

Is it normal for brake fluid level to drop a little sometimes?

The brake fluid level gradually goes down as the brake pads , brake shoes wear

Why would the brake pedal be soft?

if brake pedal is soft , either there is air in the system ,a brake fluid leak, or brake linings and pads are worn allowing the pedal to travel to far if there is a fluid leak, this can usually be found by getting under vehicle and looking at inside of wheels for brake fluid

A vehicle has a disc drum brake system the rear wheels lock-up too quickly during hard brake application what is most likely the cause?

Sticking rear wheel cylinders. More than likely moisture in the brake fluid has caused them to rust. Replace the rear wheel cylinders and replace the brake fluid.

What is the cause of excessive brake pedal travel and spongy feel?

check your brake fluid. you probably ran it low and now there is air in the system. there may even be a leak. you will need to top off the reservoir and then bleed the brakes. look for brake fluid leaking around the inside of the wheels to try to locate the leak.

What substitute can be use for brake fluid?

There is no substitute available that can be used for brake fluid. Using anything other than brake fluid could be dangerous and would likely cause damage.

Is a little water in brake fluid dangerous?


What would cause a soft brake pedal on a 2000 Grand Caravan?

out of brake fluid?

Can brake fluid supplement power steering fluid in an emergency?

No, they are not compatible and it will cause damage.

Why will the car not stop when you hit the brakes?

Just hitting the brakes will not stop the car if the brakes are faulty. Pressing the brake pedal starts a process by which brake fluid disperses the force of your foot by increasing the surface area of the fluid being pushed. This increase in force is then transferred to "soft" pads that press against the moving wheels of the car. This friction is what stops the car. However, if the brake pads do not make contact with the wheels, the brake lines carrying he brake fluid are severed, the brake fluid is low or empty, or the connection between the brake pedal and the whole system is faulty, then the brakes will fail.

Your Windstar makes a loud screeching noise when you turn the wheels just a little?

The cause of a loud screeching noise when a person turns the wheels a little, could be due to the lack of power steering fluid. It could also be due to worn belts.

Can drinking brake fluid cause a heart attack or a stroke?

Consider milk instead. It's safer. Brake fluid is not recommended for drinking. It may cause your heart to stop suddenly.

Why is brake fluid leaking from cap?

there is too much in the container If you filled the resevior with brake fluid PRIOR to replacing any of the brake linings, it will cause the fluid to "backflow" into the resevior, thus it will overflow and leak from the cap.

Your rear wheels are locking up when brakes are applied?

Rear calibers or wheel cylinders are sticking. This is most often due to brake fluid that is contaminated with moisture. This moisture will cause internal parts to rust. Replace the rear calibers/wheel cylinders and replace the brake fluid with fresh fluid from an unopened can. It can also be a defective proportioning valve.

Why brake fluid should kept in an airtight container?

brake fluid absorbs moisture thus brings the boiling point of your brake fluid down to a much lower temperature. if your brake fluid reaches this temperature you can loose your brakes temporally. also the moisture in the fluid will cause highly unwanted corrosion of internal parts of your brake system.

Brake light on peugeot 206 stays on?

check little switch under your brake pedal....... and check brake fluid. This was the problem on daughters 206 . Topped up brake fluid on now ok.

Is a small amount of power steering fluid mixed in with the brake fluid harmful?

Yes. It will cause the seals to swell up in the master cylinder. This will cause a loss of braking. You need to remove the fluid and flush out the master cylinder(with clean brake fluid) immediatly.

What would cause the rear anti lock and brake light to stay on in a 1989 bronco 2?

1st check your brake fluid level in your master cylinder. Low fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir will cause both lights to come on. If it was really low you should fill it up and then bleed the brake system. If fluid level is ok, then a failure of a component in your anti lock brake system has occured.

What would cause my 1993 Ford E-150 brake light to come on?

The most likely cause is low-brake fluid.

Why would the brake light come on when you brake a little hard or when you go over the gutter to get into the driveway?

Your brake fluid level is low.

What does the warning light on your fiat punto mean that looks like a brake fluid bottle?

This warning light means that you need to add brake fluid to your car. Improper fluid levels can cause brake malfunction resulting in an accident.