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Does it feel more like a fuel starvation or an electrical glitch? You rterm die needs some clarification as in, you step on the gas and nothing or sitting at idle and it quits or all of a sudden I lose power and lights. To make a wild guess I would say with what you have posted change the fuel filter and then start looking at your fuel pump. If it's electrical, I would look at battery connections first. Remove, clean, tighten. There's a start for you

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How does driving contribute your personal development and situation?


What is an auto?

An auto is an automobile - a term occasionally used for a self-driving automobile.

What percentage of motorists occasionally engages in reading or writing while driving?


Why does your corsa engine occasionally rev up whilst driving?

maybe your riding the clutch

Are car doors required by law?

Mostly all states have laws governing driving an unsafe vehicle. Certain cars like Jeeps have no doors and a it is permissibleÊto drive with no doors in that situation.

When driving in windy weather should you drive in a crosswind situation?


What to do if driving license is lost?

Go to the police or traffic authority and explain the situation.

What is the most dangerous driving situation which produces multiple car crashes daily?


What are the disadvantages of drinking and driving?

Driving while impaired by alcohol or any other substance (or situation, such as sleep deprivation) increases the risk of having a traffic accident.

The most dangerous driving situation and the one which produces multiple car crashes daily i?


Will car drop if rear shocks are taken off?

No, unless they are air ride shocks. Removing the standard shock absorbers then driving the vehicle could lead to a dangerous situation. You may loose control of the vehicle over certain road conditions.

What is the act of driving out people of a certain ethnicity from an area called?

Ethnic cleansing.

When a driver foresees where points of conflict can develop in a driving situation which step of the IPDE Process is used?


Which situation should horn be sounded while driving forklift?

As a warning at corners or if other vehicles are near you.

Why does my cars RPM suddenly increase when driving at a consistent speed for no apparent reason?

your car must have turbo system in it.turbo starts working at a selected RPM.

How long will it take to drive 13.5 miles driving 50mph?

Assuming your speed is consistent...13.5 miles / 50 MPH = 0.27 hours or 16.2 minutes

Do you have to be in a certain grade to get your drivers license?

no because you can be sixteen in the 8th grade and have you driving licience

How many points will you get driving with headlights out?

You will get 3 points and also a fine which is not at a certain amount.

Where can I find defensive driving school?

I would go to the DMV. They work with certain professionals.

Matching vehicle speed and direction to the situation is one of the traits of a good driver?

Driving after drinking ______ the probability of greater injury than would happen if driving while sober.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol can lead to?

Putting oneself and others in a deadly situation and taking risks

Where is there a driving academy near me?

Local public schools often have relationships with certain driving schools that often ask to advertise in the school newspaper. Check and see if there are any driving academies that advertise at your children's schools.

Where can one go to find cheap defensive driving lessons?

Cheap defensive driving lessons can be found through outlets such as your insurance company or through your local DMV. Occasionally, cities will sponsor classes locally for a fraction of the normal cost.

Do truck driving schools admit everyone?

Not everyone. If you have black marks on your driving record or certain health conditions, you are not eligible to get a CDL, which is required to drive trucks commercially.

What information can be found on the driving traffic website?

The information that can be found on the driving traffic website are what is going on with the traffic in certain areas at the time like traffic jams or accidents.