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Probably transmission valve body or clutch could be what is said above but i had the same problem and it was the gear on the end of the governer which is a round cap located on the side of the tranny easy to get to and replace with out taking the tranny out of car PS don't dent the cap in when reinstalling

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:51:47
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Q: What would cause a 1989 Chevy 4x4 automatic not to shift out of second?
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Are 2001 Chevy cavaliers automatic or stick shifts?

The Chevy Cavalier vehicle can be either an automatic or a stick shift. You can switch an automatic over to a stick shift by switching out the transmission.Ê

Why does my Chevy blazer transmission shift hard into first and second gear?

Is it an automatic or manual if it's an automatic you may have a bad u joints and same for manual, as well as synchronizing gears may cause it to be hard to shift. Otherwise i'd say it's your u-joints

What causes a Volkswagen golf with an automatic transmission not to shift the RMP races after second but it just wont shift?

A seized up transmission can cause a Volkswagen Golf with an automatic transmission to not shift and racing RMPs after second. A worn gear can also prevent shifting.

How do you remove the shift knob from a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?

Is this a standard transmission, or an automatic? automatic

What causes the automatic transmission to shift hard from first to second gear on a 1999 Nissan Frontier?

A bad transmission gear can cause your 1999 Nissan frontier to shift hard. Low transmission fluid can also cause the transmission to shift hard.

Why won't an automatic Chevy Tahoe shift into gear?

Zubie make her dance!

What causes a Automatic Transmission not to shift from 2nd to 3rd or overdrive in a 1998 Chevy Silverado?

Answerthe vehicle speed sensor can cause this problem or it can be the thermostat.i had the same problem and it worked for me.

What would cause a Chevy automatic transmission not to shift into overdrive every time?

Answeri had the same problem of transmission not going into overdrive.i changed my thermostat and it works fine now.give it a try .

What is the cause if dodge automatic transmission is slow to shift?

dirty tranny fluid

Honda Accord Station Wagon automatic transmission will not shift down?

There are several things that can cause your Honda Accord station wagon automatic transmission not to shift down. The most common cause is low transmission fluid.

What is wrong with Chevy automatic transmission if it wont shift to 3 gear?

need more info.year,model.

What would cause a 1994 Chevy S-10 to run rough then only shift to second when letting off the accelerator and not shift out of second gear?

check transmission fluid level first. one of the shift sensors needs replacing you need to read codes to find out what is problem

My 1999 S-10 does not want to shift into second gear its an automatic?

There are several causes that an automatic transmission will not want to shift into second gear. The two most common causes are transmission pump issues and trouble with the vacuum modulator.

How do you get the shift knob off of your 2002 Chevy Silverado?

chevy silverado ha automatic transmission . shift lever on column when put in or out of gear flops up and down . is it hard to put a spring in the column to repair

Will the speed sensor in a Chevy s10 blazer make the truck not shift?

That is True.. A faulty speed sensor will cause no shift or late shift..

Where would the shift selonoid be located on a 2000 Chevy Lumina?

Shift solenoids are located inside the automatic transmission, accessable via a side cover plate.

Why is your automatic transmiss leaking out around the gear shift rod going in transmission on 1985 Chevy half ton?

That is called a shift shaft seal. Replace it.

In a 1998 escort what would cause a automatic transmission not to shift into overdrive?

Linkage adjust

Will the bell housing detach from the transmission in a 1989 Chevy camaro 2.8?

If your talking automatic no but if your talking stick shift it will.

In a 440t4 automatic trans what will cause it to shift from first to second fine while cold then when it gets hot it want even go in drive or rev?

u have a bad transmiton they are about 500.00$

What does m stand for on Chevy Equinox gear shift?

The M on the gearshift of a Chevy Equinox stands for manual. The Chevy Equinox comes with a manual mode for using the gearshift like a manual transmission on an automatic.

Why is a 2003 Chevy Malibu running rough and wont shift into 4th?

There can be several things that will cause your 2003 Chevy Malibu to run rough and not shift into fourth here. The probable cause is a lack of fuel. Due to a bad fuel injector.

If 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with automatic transmission won't shift from second gear to third gear any suggestions as to why?

In automatic transmissions the second to third syncronizers always seem to go bad first, the syncronizers are worn, bad or gone. This is common in these transmissions. Also you might check your trans fluid level, sometimes a low level will cause the transmission not to shift correctly.

How do you replace the shift linkage on a 2001 Chevy Cavalier with auto transmission?

The 2001 Chevy Cavalier automatic transmission shift linkage is held in place with a swivel nut on each end of the shift linkage. Turn the swivel nuts to the left and the shifting linkage will come off. Reverse the process to install your new shift linkage.

What would cause a 4 speed automatic tranny stay in first gear until 35 mph on a 1983 Chevy K10?

If your transmission doesnt shift until 35 mph then check your vaccum hose on your transmission.... i had the same prob. and that is what it was because it is a vaccum shift tranny and without the vaccum then it will shift at really high rpms.