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What would cause a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am to stall when you come to a stop?

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2006-06-10 20:21:24
2006-06-10 20:21:24

tcc solenoid about 50.00 but 400.00 to install inside trans must be pulled out to change solenoidsorry! You can disconnect the overdrive when the engine is cool and it will stop this, but you wont have any overdrive. if you have the 4t60 (4speed) it does have to be pulled out. 3 speed you can do in car .get the solenoid ,pull the drivers side wheel you will also need a side pan gasket. some models have a bracket that goes around the side cover thoughs take a little more work to get at . but the solenoid is on the bottom of the valve body behind the side cover i have done 50 or more and they can all be done in the car......

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