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This is an inane question as written. In fact it doesn't appear to be a question as much as it is a series of random run-on thoughts. Separate the thoughts into specific individual questions.

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Q: What would cause a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport to blow a head gasket and have coolant retention problems after replacing the water pump?
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Why after replacing the water pump on a 1996 Cherokee is there no heat?

Low coolant level or possibly air trapped in the system. Bleed the system and check the coolant level in the radiator not the reservoir.

What type of coolant is used for 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

A 1994 Jeep Cherokee uses green coolant.

Why would your 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee run hotter after replacing the water pump?

not the right mixture of coolant Was the serpentine belt put back on correctly?

Flush the Coolant?

form_title=Flush the Coolant form_header=Keep the cooling system running properly by regularly flushing and replacing the fluids. What type of coolant do you normally use?=_ How long as it been since the coolant has been flushed?=_ Have you had any overheating problems?=_

Where is the engine block coolant plug on a Jeep Cherokee?

The engine coolant block on a Jeep Cherokee has two block coolant plugs. There is one on each side, next to the freeze plugs.

2001 jeep Cherokee coolant temperature sensor?

The coolant temperature sensor on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee is located in the intake manifold. It monitors the flow and temperature of coolant through the engine.

Do you have to replace coolant when you replacing the ac compressor?

You will have to replace the refrigerant, but not the engine coolant.

What kind of coolant goes in a 1997 Jeep Cherokee?

A 1997 Jeep uses green coolant.

When adding coolant to 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo does water need to be mixed in with the antifreeze?

if there is coolant already in the lines, block and radiator then you can safely top-up, but if you are replacing fluid, say after a leak then you should mix it 50/50 with water. Good luck Badgirl.

Can not replacing coolant ruin the radiator?

I belive it might

How do you get your 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport to produce heat for inside the vehicle?

Make sure coolant is at proper level Make sure heater control cable is working Perhaps thermostat needs replacing

Change coolant for 2002 Grand Cherokee?


Where is the Coolant temp sensor 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee located?

The coolant temperature sensor on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee is located on the T-stat. It is on the passenger side of the Jeep.

How do you get coolant out of cylinders after replacing the head gasket?

shop vac

What does coolant sensor bad mean on your 1997 grand Cherokee?

It means your coolant sensor is bad and needs replaced.

Why does the Coolant Lite keep coming on -- 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Low coolant or bad sensor

If you have jeep 2002 grand Cherokee elimited 3.1 diesel there is oil is goin in too coolant degasser bottle?

i have a jeep 2002 grand Cherokee elimited 3.1 diesel there is oil is goin in too coolant coolant bottle how do u fix it

Recharge Your Air Conditioner?

form_title=Recharge Your Air Conditioner form_header=Keep your AC running smoothly by regularly replacing the coolant fluid. What type of coolant does the car use?=_ Have you had any problems with the unit?= () Yes () No If so, please describe the issues:=_

Can you change from green to red auto coolant?

If the Red Coolant meets the specifications required by you vehicle manufacture you can perform a coolant flush on you system before replacing with the new coolant type.

Where is the coolant sensor located on a 1993 jeep grand Cherokee 5.2?

On the coolant overflow bottle that in on the passenger side of the engine.

Where is radiator cap on a 1983 Jeep Cherokee?

The pressure cap is on the coolant bottle. The bottle is mounted to the firewall. You add coolant there.

What kind of coolant to use in a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee?


How do you bleed coolant system after replacing thermostat?

what is the year make & modle of it??

What should you do before replacing a thermostat?

Disconnect the battery and drain the coolant.

2001 Jeep Cherokee low coolant alarm?

low coolant alarms goes on all the time but the coolant level is fine,,,, how do i disable or turn off the alarm?