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Ignition Module, also, TESTED?? how did you test the coil ... I've seen "tested" coils that didn't work... read up on it. Everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at your local library for diagnostic procedures etc, just make copies of the right pages, as they are usually REFERENCE up and good luck :)

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How do you test throttle position sensor?

The throttle position sensor can be tested by moving the throttle as observing the engine's response. If it is smooth and consistent, the sensor is functioning properly.

What would cause hesitation after acceleration on a 1998 Ford Escort?

Change the plugs and wires. also check the throttle position sensor or have it tested

What color is the signal wire for the oxygen sensor on a 1996 explorer 5.0?

I believe it is the black wire coming from stock o2 sensor. I have tested this wire with votmeter and have seen voltage fluctuation from 200 mv - 900mv. I think this is correct.

How do you fix P1705 diagnostic trouble code on 1998 Toyota Camry?

This code is for the transmission The Direct clutch speed sensor. Have it tested most likely it has to be replaced. Had the same problem myself and managed to fix it by replacing the sensor.

What is code P0341 on a 2003 Honda Accord?

This code indicates CMP (Camshaft Position) sensor and CKP (Crankshaft Position) sensor incorrect phase is detected. This code is normally caused by a faulty CMP sensor or faulty wiring to the sensor. However it may also be that the timing belt has jumped. Most likely it is a faulty sensor. Have sensors tested and replace as necessary. To replace the CMP sensor remove the air cleaner and EGR valve.. then disconnect the sensor connector and remove the attached bolt. The sensor will then come out of the intake camshaft side of the cylinder head.

How do you know if your catalytic converter on a Chevrolet 1998 truck is bad when you get check engine light?

Its a better bet that your O2 sensor is fouled and/or needs replaced. You can go to AUTOZONE and have it tested for free. There are two; one in front of the sensor (this is the one to have tested), and a second between the catalytic converter and muffler. Don't make the mistake (sigh....) of finding that the sensor is bad and replacing the wrong one. The one in front of the catalytic converter is a bear to replace (usually) and if you've not replaced it, that's probably a good place to start. If that sensor is OK, test the back one. If both are OK, then you're looking at the converter. Good luck!

Can oxygen sensor for scuba set be tested in diving chamber?


Why won't 95 Dodge Dakota start changed ignition coil crank shaft sensor cam shaft sensor gettig fuel ok?

try taking the ignition control module to oreilly's to have it tested. How long ago were the plugs wires cap and rotor replaced?

What would cause a 98'Olds 88 to not start 3 mechanics can't fix it?

depending on what year I have researched and found my 94 olds 88 has a gm commonly failing part called a Crank Shaft position sensor it is located behind the tensioner pully cost me $200 to have it tested and replaced and I haven't had a problem since

Symptoms of bad cam position sensor?

If the cam position sensor goes bad certain vehicles may not start (some require a signal from this sensor before they will). If it does start it will run rough especially at low revs. Most ecu's will give you an error code if the cam position sensor goes bad. They can be tested with an oscillating volt meter ( oscilliscope ) by checking the signal wire and ground while someone else cranks the starter. Many times these sensors are working fine but need to be cleaned to give a proper signal.

Why does 1990 Acura Integra cut off while driving?

Cause it's not American. Buy a proper car!.... EH...WRONG! My 1990 Integra GS is doing this so I tested it, and it was throwing a code 9 which ir cylinder position sensor. Have you tested yours yet?

On a 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage cranks runs for short distance then dies for extended period then restarts replaced fuel filter didnt help?

have the fuel pump tested, also check cam positioning sensor

Why does battery light on in Chevy Malibu?

Alternator is not charging. Have it tested and/or replaced.

What do you do next when there is still no spark after having ignition module tested and have replaced ignition coils on a 1991 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder 2.3 engine?

Check for a broken wire in one of the cluster of plugs on top of the left wheelwell. Have you checked the plug-in connection fo the crankshaft position sensor located behind the A/C Pwr. steering bracket? A new sensor costs about $150. A fault code would show up if it was bad.

What is wrong with this 91 Nissan 300zx had blown engine swap engines-no spark has power to coils and tested coils good fuses good Help please?

Check the crank position sensor

You have replaced the throttle sensor map sensor oxygen sensor and crank shaft sensor in our 91 Chevy cavalier and it is still hard to start and jerks a lot and dies what is the problem?

I would say you have to check your coil packs, and ignition module to see if they are firing on all cylinders, and have the correct spark. Anything but a bright blue spark means a weak coil. The ignition module can be tested at some parts stores.

Which version of internet explorer is new?

Internet explorer 10 is the newest version available to the average user, however a explorer 11 is in a beta version and is being tested now in a limited market.

93 tsi talon with no fuel injector pulse Tried everything you can think of you have replaced the cas sensor and mpi relay along wthe ect sensor Good compression and timing dead on Help?

im stuck on the same thing, but one thing i also tested that you havent is the transistor pack

How is a vrs sensor tested with a DVOM?

Back probe both wires of the sensor and use an AC voltage setting or your readings will be bad

1995 Ford Ranger turns over but no spark?

1995 ford ranger 4wd cranks over but no spark, replaced crank sensor Check battery power to coil connector, if that is good coil can be tested w/multimeter.

98 ford contour does crank sensor control spark and fuel?

yes but the cam sensor and the crank sensor work to geather so make sure to have it tested if you can to make sure wich is bad .

Do medical insurance billing and coding get drug tested before position?

injection for 724.2

What type of sensor would utilize 2 wires and how would it be tested with a dvom?

A VRS sensor and you can measure it with a DVOM on A/C Votlage by probing both wires and cranking the car.

1997 neon won't start we tested the battery relays fuses and changed the ign switch When the key is in it dings the lights and horn work but when you turn the key no rollover starter clicking or radio?

The coil and crank position sensor are known issues on this car

Does a Chevy Malibu have a crankshaft sensor instead of a camshaft sensor?

Yes, it does. I know, because mine is faulty on my Chevy Malibu and it was just replaced. My car would shut off at stop lights and even when driving down the road. It felt as if it was something electrical, or even a fuel issue. Two months of car repairs, which included tune-up, new fuel filter, and trip to the dealer (who couldn't figure out the problem), the mechanic did a google search and found that the crankshaft sensor goes out pretty frequently in Chevys. Hope this helps. Actually the answer to the original question is NO, the camshaft sensor does not replace the crankshaft sensor. On my 98 Malibu I have a camshaft sensor, a 7x crank sensor and a 24x crank sensor. My Malibu is not starting, we've tested the crank sensor and replaced the computer and still no fire to the plugs. The ignition module has been tested and it's good. There have been a lot of discussion about the Passlock system, but I reset that, now I'm turning towards the camshaft sensor which is suppose to control the fuel and the tach, but there may be other interactions with the computer that keeps it from firing the ignition system. The only indication the camshaft sensor is bad is I get no reading from the tach no the dash or from my OBDII computer reader. My book says the computer uses both crank and camshaft sensor when firing the injectors, but if the plugs don't fire, the injectors aren't the problem and I sprayed starting fluid in the intake and no joy.