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By hard I assume you mean not as easy as it used to. It could be the glow plugs which are what diesels use instead of a spark plug or a weak coil. A mechanic could tell you in ten minutes.

2006-08-07 21:26:46
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What do you do if you put gasoline in dodge diesel pickup?

don't start it, drain gas out of the fuel system. If you started it call a mechanic to see what damage you've done to the engine

Can a frail fuel line cause a diesel engine not to start?

A frail fuel line can cause a diesel engine not to start.

Does the 1996 Dodge 2500 turbo diesel really have 24 valves or did Dodge begin making 24 valve engines in 1998?

The 1996 has 12 valves, they did not start putting the 24 valves in the pickup until 1998.5. Hope this helps.

What causes the wait to start light to flash on a 92 dodge diesel truck?

The wait to start light on a 92 Dodge Diesel truck can be caused by a lack of fuel to the engine. It can also be caused by a wiring problem.

Hard or no start 03 dodge diesel?

Probably the fuel pump. Or the injectors.

When did dodge start using the 6.7 liter diesel?

2007 was the first year but you could also get 5.9 diesel also

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump on a 2003 Dodge Diesel?

If a 2003 Dodge Diesel has a bad fuel pump, the vehicle will probably not start. If it does start, it will not run very long before it starts to spit and sputter and may even stall.

Where is the wire in a 2003 Dodge Neon SXT that makes it not start?

There are many wires on a Dodge Neon that can cause a no start condition.

What is the cause for a P0344 code on a ford 1997 7.3 diesel?

Camshaft sensor is working intermittently, could cause a hard start or no start

What would cause 2000 dodge Cummings diesel to cut off traveling at 45 mph and not start back?

my old Toyota pickup up would do the same thing, cut out going about 40 to 50 mph, but at about 20mph it would kick back on. It was one of the sensor chips. Toyota replaced the chip and the odometer, and I never had the problem again.

Will the oil light cause a 2008 Dodge Avenger not to start?

No, a Dodge Avenger will run without oil pressure.

Where can I buy a diesel power generator?

I think you can buy a diesel generator at any of the places that you buy a gas one. Why do you prefer diesel over gas. Diesel would be harder to start in winter cause diesel fuel tends to gel when cold out.

05 Dodge diesel cummins 3500 won't start any suggestions?

It is possibly the injection pump. Happened to me. Contaminated fuel can cause it. The pump was replaced along with lift pump. Runs great now--Dodge has the best diesel engine. First, check the fuel pump relay--that happened to me, too. Under the hood, driver's side, plastic snap-off cover.

How do you get a 1996 Dodge fuel injected V8 pickup to start after it has ran out of gas?

I would try shooting some gas into the throttle body.

Hard to start 2002 diesel dodge 250?

check the glow plugs and the glowplug curcut . also check the fuel filter

What happens when your dodge 2500 diesel turns over but will not start?

If it is a 12 valve 1994-1998 the fuel shut off selinoid is a common problem about $170 from Piers Diesel or $400 from the dealer.

You changed an injector on your 2005 dodge cummins diesel and now it want start?

i know with diesel engines if you run out of diesel, or change any part of your fuel line you will need to bleed your injectors to get it to run. you may have to bleed them all before it will run.

Will a bad catalytic converter cause the check engine light to come on on a 1994 s10 pickup and then cause it not to start?

yes ,gud chance it is blocked

1992 Chevy s10 pickup 2wd 4.3l v6 and it will start but after driving and you cut it off it will not start acts like it is flooding out what can cause this?

A faulty engine coolant temp sensor can cause that.

Are there sensors that would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to not start?

Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.

Can too much silicone on a transmission gasket on a 2000 dodge neon cause a no start?


BMW car help hotline?

What can cause 320 diesel bmw not to start after standing for 3 months

Why does diesel engine doesn't start?

no diesel

Why won't my 2006 dodge diesel start all else works?

Have someone try to start it and while they are in the start position lightly hit side of the starter with a hammer. This worked for me. But you still need to replace the starter.

Your 1996 dodge 5.9 l diesel starts real hard lots of cranking and then will stall after short time?

A dirty fuel filter or a plugged fuel line can cause your vehicle to start hard. A dirty air filter can also be the culprit.