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Your air compressor drive belt is loose, Tighten it up! geterdone

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Q: What would cause a 240V motor to surge?
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Can you plug a 240v rated motor in a 230v 0utlet?

Yes, you can plug a 240v motor into a 230v outlet.

Does a 31watt 240v motor draw 0.13 amps?

yes, 31watt divide 240v equals to 0.13amps.

Will a 240v motor run on 220v power?


Will a 240 volt motor run with 110 volts?

If its a true 240v motor the no it won't. Some motors will but it would be listed in the specs or on the info plate of the motor. It will say 120/240.

What types of problems would you encounter if you plugged a 240V rated piece of equipment into a 120V outlet?

it wouldn't work long it would keep popping breaker and possible to cause a fire if keep reseting the breaker 110v would not be enough to power 220v. It wouldn't harm the appliance but it will not keep popping breakers. However, plugging 110v equipment into 220v outlets will destroy the appliance. You can cause damage to the equipment, at least if there is a motor in it. The 110v will be insufficient to turn the motor, so the current passing through it will remain at the level of the startup surge (ever notice how the lights in your house dim slightly when the air conditioner compressor kicks on?). For a short duration, like a normal startup, this surge will not do any harm, but if that much current is allowed to continue coursing through the coils, they will quickly overheat. Never let the smoke out of the motor!

WIll sump motor blow if I connect 240V?

It may not blow, but it will turn twice as fast and burn out very quickly. It is meant for 110 only. Check the sump pump. Some of them can be wired either 120v or 240v. If yours is like that, just wire the motor for 240v and plug it in.

What size and breaker for a 20hp 240v 3phase motor?

Assuming a power factor of 0.85, at 240V 3 phase, 15KW load would draw a full load of 42.5 Amps. 50 Amp rating breaker will be suitable.

What happens when you supply only 120V to a 240V motor?

it won't work properly

Can you connect a 3 wire 240V motor to a 2 wire 240 single phase?


Can you run a 120V heater with a 240V supply?

Definitely not - it would burn out quickly and probably cause the circuit breaker to trip as well.

When would you use a double pole switch?

to turn on a 240v or480v system,like a 240v waterheater

What current will a 100w electric fan motor draw when you plug it into a 240v wall socket?


What would the control voltage be for a transformer marked 240v 24vac?

A control transformer marked 240V - 24Vac would have a control voltage of 24 volts.

How do you determine the proper cable for 240V 3phase 15hp induction motor for a distance of 1000 ft?

This wouldn't be on a farm would it? 1000' line would need it's own utility pole, and transformer.

What would cause light sockets to read 130V in a 240V system when the light switch is off?

More than likely, your 240V system has branches that supply a standard household 120V to things like lighting outlets. Most light bulbs in the US run on 120V so this is probably a convenience feature. Otherwise you would have to go to a specialty store and buy 240V bulbs.

What size generator can run a 80kW 240V 50Hertz electric motor?

at least 80KW of the same phase

How do you rewire a 120V or 240V motor running on 220V volts back to 120V?

If it is a six wire motor go to

Can you run a 50Hz motor in 60Hz?

I've seen it done, but be certain that the motor is connected to the correct VOLTAGE. The UK uses a 50Hz, 240V electrical system. The US uses a 60 Hz, 120/240V. The motor you are referring to was probably used in the UK, so will probably need 240V.

Can you run a 50 hz motor on 60 hz?

I've seen it done. Be sure you have the correct voltage going to the motor. A 50 Hz motor was probably used in the UK, or other parts of Europe. They use 240V/50 Hz. So your motor will probably need 240V too. Check the motor's nameplate.For more information see the answers to the Related Questions shown below.

If you have a breaker that has a 120240v and your dryer has a 240v plug can you change the receptacle to a 240v?

if i have a breaker that has a 120/240v and my dryer has a 240v plug can i change the receptacle to a 240v

Would any harm come to your cell phone by using an AC adapter 100-240v-15 vs the one that came with the cell phone a 100-240v-02?

It May Fuse It Or Not Charge The Battery At All

How do you wire a 240V to 120V?

What specifically are you wiring? A light bulb would operate dim, a motor will burn up. The current increases thereby requiring larger wire and current protection.

If the loads were only 240v on a single phase 240v system with a center tapped transformer the neutral conductor would carry?

If a load were only 240 volt on a single phase 240v system with a center tapped transformer the neutral conductor would carry no current.

Would a 30A 240V circuit breaker be too large to safely support a either a 20A or 23A 240V bandsaw?

Yes it will operate it fine.

How do you rewire a 240V motor to 120V?

The linked site has just about any connection you might need. See related links below.