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Did you check the Crank position sensor , its a pain to replace on the side of trany under the car Could also be a fuel pump problem, Suggest that you have it checked for codes, and have fuel pressure checked while it is acting up.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-14 23:36:07
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Q: What would cause a 97 jeep Cherokee to lose power backfire hard to crank and then at times have none of these problems?
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Why does your dodge ram 250 van backfire?

if it backfires when driving most crank sensors cause this

What would cause a engine bog down and back fire on acceleration on 90 jeep Cherokee despite timining and oxygen sensor being replaced?

the crank position sensor can cause similar symptoms jeep is known for crank sensor problems

What would cause your jeep grand Cherokee to turn over but not start?

Bad crank position sensor

Where is the crank sensor on a 96 jeep Cherokee?

The crank sensor mounts to the top of the transmission bell housing on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee.

Could a crank sensor cause a jeep Cherokee not to start?

Yes. The Crank sensor monitors the position and rotational speed of the engine to determine timing for ignition. if it is not functioning you will get no spark.

What causes your engine to backfire and die after running about 20 mins Sits awhile and runs like new again then will do same thing over and over?

this can be cause by the crank position sensor if the fuel pump is running well then the only thing that cold cause the problem is crank position sensor

Would a oxygen 2 sensor cause a1998 jeep Cherokee not to crank?

No, battery or starter issue or anti theft activated

Can snorting crank all night cause anxiety problems that don't go away?


If a 92 Jeep Cherokee will crank over but will not start what is the problem?

probably crank sensor, they are famous for that

Why did my 400cc ATV backfire several times and shut off and then wont crank?

Replace your sparkplugs.

What makes your cj5 backfire when you try to crank it?

Engine is out of time or the plug wires are installed incorrectly.

What happens when a P.C.V valve is stuck at open position?

If the engine were to backfire for whatever reason and the pcv valve is stuck open, the backfire could carry into the crank case and ignite the crank case fumes. I have seen valve covers blown off an engine from this situation.

How much crank power does a Jeep Cherokee need?

a jeep Cherokee need 220 volts to run

Where is crank sensor located on 99 Cherokee xj?

The crank sensor is on the top driver side of the bell housing.

What problems do crank sensors causes?

Problem with Crank sensor will cause 2001 Grand Prix not start when warm until it cool down? will this problem also cause vehicle to stall while driving?

Could the Crank Shaft Position Sensor cause a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to stall driving up the road doing 65?


What would cause a 1998 Cherokee to stall while driving and not start not even push starting it?

Check the crank angle sensor usually about $150 to replace

Would problems with the asr cause your mercedez e320 not to crank?

No. However, it can cause the car to run in "limp home" mode. No. However, it can cause the car to run in "limp home" mode.

How do you change crank angle sensor on 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?


Will crank position sensor interfer with ignition module on a 1994 jeep Cherokee?

The ignition module uses the crank sensor to decide when to spark.

Where is crank position sensor located on 96 Cherokee?

In the underside on the far left

Where is the crank sensor on 1995 Jeep Cherokee v8?

Jeep Cherokee didn't come with a V8. It must be a Grand Cherokee? Top pass side of the bell housing.

2006 Chevy Suburban doesn't start on first crank?

There are a few issues that can cause a 2006 Chevy Suburban to not start on first crank. These can include a dead or drained battery, problems with the fuel system, or issues with the starter.

Where is a crank sensor located on a 1991 jeep Cherokee?

Driver side of the bell housing.

Where is the output crank sensor located on a 1995 jeep Cherokee grand Laredo?

in a toilet

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