What would cause a blower to not work in a 1999 Buick?


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Check the fuses first and the blower relay.


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I need a blower motor and blower motor resistor for a 1999 lasabre will the regal have the same part?

right next to the blower motor I'm don't know about the 2000 model, but it is directly behind the blower motor of the 1999 Century.

i have a 1998 buick century and my blower motor is under the passenger side front wall inside.I found out that the blower motor resister was the problem.if it works on high speed only,replace the resistor first.it's cheaper but harder to get at.

I would like to know, where the ac blower is located on a 1999 BMW 528i

Check blower motor fuse Check to see if compressor is working

By the evaporator case. Under the dash, behind a kick panel that is below the glove compartment.

Blower motor resistor is the most common problem. it is held in by 2 screws under the glovebox area. Easy to replace.

how much would it cost to replace the heater coil on a 1999 buick leSabre

Yes, any 1999 Buick will have a chain.

I believe that it is under the dash on the pasenger side up towards the fan motor

From what I have read online, it should be near the actual blower motor under the dash. They say it is easy to replace, but hard to get to. I plan on replacing mine as soon as I get paid.It is behind the blower motor...How_do_you_replace_the_resistor_on_the_blower_motor_of_a_2002_Buick_Century_The_fan_works_are_on_higher_speeds_only_Does_not_work_on_low_speeds

Where is the a Alternator located on 1999 buick lesabre

Where are the relay switches on a 1999 Buick Century for the headlights

Either than switch, the resistor, or the relay is bad. On my 1999 Buick Century, the blower motor quit working on the three lower speeds, and then went out completely. When the resistor goes bad, the lower speeds quit working. My blower motor was squealing, also. After I replaced the blower motor and the resistor, I tested it and found the blower worked great on every speed but high. It turned out that there is a separate circuit for high speed, and the fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse for the high speed, and the blower now works on all 5 speeds. Replacing the blower and resistor was difficult, but not as bad as expected, thanks to help from this site.

Blower motor: remove the glove box and you will see the blower motor and blower resistor.

Not sure about a 1999 but on a 2000 the blower relay is on circuit C-108 in the Junction Box.

how do I remove the sunvisors off a 1999 Buick Century

Buick City ended in 1999.

If the headlights flash on and off, there may be a problem with the bulbs or fuses. There may also be a problem with the battery connections or wiring.

Where is the headlight sensor for a 1999 buick regal? Its in the back, sike ;D

The blower motor relay for high speed would be located in the power distribution box under the hood.

WHERE is the blower motor fuse on a 1999 ford e250 4.2 L

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