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It could be a rash from an allergic reaction - most probably something you ate. Did you eat something foreign within the last 2 hours? What I am worried about is that this is one of the signs of meningitis. If you have a headache, sore neck, nausea or a temperature TAKE IMMEDIATE STEPS AND GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Meningitis can kill you within 24 hours. Other posibilities are rashes from diseases like measles or chicken pox.

2006-07-21 23:38:01
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Why do you get red blotches on your chest while you eat?

The most logical explanation would be an allergic reaction.

What causes random sweating under the armpits and red blotches on the chest when calm?

You might be nervous and you might not know it... many people have this problem so dont think that ur the only one with it.... and the red blotches on your chest when calm part im not sure about... you might have to check with your doctor about that

When applying CPR what can cause the patient to regurgitate food?

When preforming CPR, chest compressions push on the structures in close proximity to the stomach which can cause pressure on the stomach causing the victim to regurgitate the stomach contents. When opening the airway, if not done properly, air can be blown into the stomach. Air pockets in the stomach can cause its contents to be brought up. Regurgitation is a more common occurrence then not.

Red blotches on chest and neck?

I also get it. It is from nerves for me. I but some people get it from allergies. so go to the doctor, or observe when u get it.

Can you get herpes in the stomach?

Yes you can get viral herpes on the chest as well as the stomach.

Can syphilis cause chest pains?

Syphilis will not cause chest pain.

Does lying on your stomach stop your chest from growing?


The muscle that separates your chest and stomach?


What causes a slight pain or pinching in the upper left side of my chest?

If a person feels a slight pain or pinching on the left side of their chest, it could be heartburn. Heartburn is cause my acid in the stomach and spicy foods.

Can pleurisy cause back and chest pain?

yes it can cause back and chest pain.

Is it normal for a man to wax his chest and stomach?

no it is not natural for him to do that.

Should you consult a doctor if you start to develop pale blotches all over your chest in between your breasts?

Yes, it's wise to see your doctor to be diagnosed, but it's more than likely hormones and even birth control pills/patches can cause blotching of the skin (even brown marks on especially the face and chest area.)

Why do knights wear a chest plate?

to protect their chest and vital organs e.g. lungs, heart, stomach.

What can cause pain under your left side chest stomach pain and vomiting?

Pain under the left side of the chest with stomach pain and vomiting could be the sign of a gallbladder attack. Abdominal pain can be the earlier indicator for many different problems so if concern please seek professional medical attention.

Rash back chest and stomach?

A rash on the back, chest, and stomach may be measles. It could also be an allergy or Fifth's Disease. The only way to know is to see a physician.

What would cause red blotches on your chest and upper arms?

This happens to me too - my chest also. I have no idea what causes it...only that I wish it would go away.This also happens to me too, when im giving presentations or in front of a large group of people. Its often associated with Social Anxiety Disorder. Theres a lot of things that can be done to improve it though.

How do you describe the position of heart and stomach?

The position of the heart and stomach are based on their location in the abdomen and chest. The heart is near the center of the chest, while the stomach is on the bottom left of the rib cage. There is no better way to describe the position of these organs.

Can stress cause chest pain?

If you already have cardiovascular disease, then yes, stress can cause chest pain, or even a heart attack, so be careful.

If i have a sore throat stomach ache muscles hurt chest pains and chills whats wrong with me?

Sounds like a flu, stomach ache, chills, and sore muscles are about right, not sure about the chest though, could be a chest cold.

What is torsoand where exactly it is located?

The torso is your chest and stomach and your abs! (^^^)

Where can you feel a dogs heart beat?

IN THE CHEST or down in the stomach

What is a rash that you get all over your chest back and stomach which is just loads of tiny red spots and only occasionally itchy?

what is a rash that is all over ones back, stomach, and chest?

What causes a person to spit up blood?

This can be caused by stomach ulcers. If the person was subjected to some type of physical trauma to the chest or stomach, this could be another cause. However, a doctor should be sought for anyone experiencing blood in their vomit.

What happens if you accidentally swallow your own puke?

Your stomach begins to hurt and you get a little burning feeling in your stomach and in your chest area, and you to start to get gas in your chest and stomach area...And to solve it:Drink a nice glass of icy cold water with some ice cube....

About percent of the men who received chest or stomach wounds died?