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I had similar trouble w/my '95 Avalon. More so when turning, and I assumed I'd messed up installing pads. After that checked out okay, I worried about a rear bearing, mostly because noise was more pronounced through turns. Still, our shop had never done a rear bearing or hub on a Toy that we could recall. And this included MANY high mileage units. There was no play or wobble in the hub/bearing when car was on lift. One afternoon, the thump turned suddenly to a screech. I barely had time to think 'there goes my bearing' when I heard a bang. At the same time, I ran over something with my wheel. As I brought the car to a stop, I realized that the troublesome noise was gone. I got out and found the 'Brake Backing Plate' lying crumpled at the curb - VERY rusty. I looked hard for that noise. but never suspected - or inspected - that plate.

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Q: What would cause a thumping noise on passenger side rear disc brake when the breaks are applied on a 99 Toyota Avalon just replaced rear pads and turned rotors?
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