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It could be they were sick BEFORE you bought them. Often times fish that are bought at pet stores don't live very long. I myself had a fantail goldfish bought at a small pet store that lived 6 years. But that seems to be the exception, not the rule.

I would look at all the fish in the store before I bought one. Often times what other fish look like might be an indication of how well the fish are. Fish are finicky. They require such care, and a certain environment to survive, so it can be tricky to care for them.

I think it could be new tank syndrome.When you firstset up your tank you must always (seed)your filter.To do this add only 1 or two hardy fish and feed sparingly,you can also buy a product called filter start which will let you add more fish after aweek or two.youshould also test your pH,nitrite,and ammonia levels,ammonia is a killer of fish.

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How long does it take before a tropical fish has a baby?

two weeks for guppies

What do tropical fish eat in the wild?

Tropical fish would eat plankton and tiny particles of fish and seaweed floating in the wild. Tropical fish are not very large and will not ingest large particles.

Where would a tropical fish be found?

All species of tropical fish could be found in the warm seas around the equator.

Can you put tropical fish in tank with goldfish?

No goldfish would prefer to have a lower temperature than any type of tropical fish, however some goldfish can withstand higher temperature if they are slowly acclimated to it! But in the long run goldfish would be happy with other goldfish and tropical fish with tropical fish... there is a reason you don't see the goldfish with the tropical fish in a good aquatic store.

How long before you put fish into a tropical fish tank?

You need to wait for the tank to cycle. This usually takes two weeks.

How long can tropical fish live without food?

upto 2 weeks dont try it

How hot does the water in a fish tank have to be for tropical fish?

the temperature of a tropical fish tank really should be about 26 degrees and 72 Fahrenheit. if you were thinking of buying tropical fish you would need a heater this is because most tropical fish are from America and Australia where it is hot so it will be hot water

What is the difference between tropical fish and freshwater fish?

tropical fish can be freshwater fish..the term tropical refers to them being from tropical (typically warm) regions

Are shrimp tropical fish?

i believe they would be a crustacean

Will your frog eat tropical fish?

depends on what tropical fish your referring to and what frog and sizes generally the fish would kill the frog by nibbling at its limbs if not swallowing it whole

Is a catfish a Tropical fish?

No, catfish is not a tropical fish.

Does this sound like a good tropical fish community?

Tropical fish must be mixed with other fish that are well adapted to the same community as the tropical fish are. These would be fish that are non-aggressive, and like basically the same foods, water temperatures, plants and environment.

Is it bad to put tropical fish in with river fish?

Yes, it is bad to put tropical fish in with river fish. The river fish can make the tropical fish sick.

How long are tropical fish pregnant for?

If it is a live bearer about three weeks, but it also depends if it is stressed out or not. They can give birth every three to four weeks.

What do tropical fish eat?

I have tropical fish and i feed them fish food which says on the label 'tropical fish'.But tropical fish that live in the ocean eat either other smaller fish or worms, really anything they can find.

Where are the most tropical waters?

TROPICALWATERS The most tropical waters would have to be in the Kenya, and in the Bahamas. In tropical waters theres tropical liles, fish,red tropical lilly's, and unique fish.In my opinion I would say that I think tropical waters are cool. My dad went under the Bahamas and saw lots of cool and unique things. by, coachy khan

Are seahorses tropical fish?


What colors are tropical fish?

Tropical fish can be any colour!

Is a siclet a tropical fish?

Yes, a siclet is a tropical fish

How can you tell the difference between a male tropical fish and female tropical fish?

Hi =) It depends on what type of tropical fish it is =)

What is a typical diet for tropical fish?

The typical diet for tropical fish is assorted fish food. Tropical fish can eat fish pellets, dried worms, and more.

Why do we have heaters for fish tank?

its for tropical fish and salt water fish. they need to have warm water to survive cause were they live is really warm waters

What is the difference between tropical fish and marine fish?

The word tropical simply means that something is from the tropics; ie, near the equator. There are two kinds of tropical fish; tropical freshwater and tropical marine. When someone says 'tropical fish' in a pet store, or in the context of an aquarium, they generally mean tropical freshwater. Marine fish are simply fish that come from the ocean, ie, they are saltwater fish.

What do you need to do before you buy tropical fish?

Research on how to look after the different species of tropical fish and then decide which species you wish to keep. (can you afford the expence?) Then get your tank and everything else set up at least 3 weeks before buying any fish.

Can tropical fish live with lake fish?

No. Tropical Fish required warmer water.