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Q: What would cause a woman's stomach to swell up like they are pregnant?
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Does eating ice swell your stomach?

No eating ice does not cause your stomach to swell. Eating certain foods such as rice and ice cream can cause stomach swelling.

When you pregnant do your stomach shine?

When your pregnant your stomach does shine and also your Vagina stretches to your butt hole and your boobs swell

What cause nipples to swell?

It depends, you could be pregnant.

Do ulcers cause stomach to swell?

No its impossible tooUlcersz are in your mouth so?

Do rabbits have teats if they are not pregnant?

Yes, all rabbits, even the males, have teats. When the rabbit is pregnant, the stomach will swell with milk.

What can cause a testicle to swell and hurt accompanied by stomach pain?

viral infection

Does eating ice make your stomach to swell?

Reports are mixed whether ice causes a stomach to swell. Stomach swelling is more likely caused by eating and drinking things that cause bloating, such as soda and alcohol.

Will getting your navel pierced cause swelling and make me look pregnant?

It will swell but not enough to make you look pregnant.

Can uncooked rice kill you if consumed in large amounts?

It could swell and cause your stomach to explode.

Does eating too much cooked rice cause your stomach to swell?

Eating too much of anything causes your stomach to expand to hold it all. Eating raw rice, though, will not cause your stomach to swell and it actually does not harm birds either, who eat raw rice wherever it grows or is farmed.

Does bread swell in your tummy?

No, bread cant swell in your stomach😊

What might cause your dogs breathing to be laboured stomach to swell and loss of appetite?

Could be poison. Needs Vet.

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