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Stress, having intercourse after you haven't had any for a long while. Also starting the Birth Control pill or being in premenopause (ages 35 up, but majority of women start in their 40s) or menopause (ceasing periods.) It's best to get in and see your doctor and ask him to do a hormone test on you.

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Can dengue cause a woman periods to delay?


You are forty years old and have had bad periods for the past year It continues for up to two weeks with bad bleeding and big chunks falling out of you What could be the cause of these periods that yo?

This is not unusual when a woman begins menapause, you can be at risk for anemia from blood loss with these heavy periods

Is it ok for a woman to get her period two weeks apart?

It is perfectly normal. My friend, she had a period for 2 weeks and she's fine. You can have 2 periods in a month; you can have 1. It depends how your body is working. Your body is going through puberty (becoming a woman). Having a period is letting out the 'eggs' (babies). Guys don't get to experience this!

When do your periods return after birth?

Generally, a woman can expect a period by about 6 weeks after giving birth.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you had a period three weeks after intercourse?

Yes. it is possible. A woman can have a few periods or even regular monthly periods during pregnancy.

What drug was put in the soup in Auschwitz to cause woman not to have their periods?

the drug was bromide

How long is the average break between periods?

The average woman has her period roughly every 3 weeks.

Can a woman mess a another woman menstrual cycle?

Women living with each other for a prolonged periods of time tend to have periods that coincide with each other. It is proposed that pheromones are the cause of that.

Can an automobile accident cause a woman to miscarry at 8 weeks?


Can a woman have a period and not get pregnant?

Menstruation is not the only indicator of a womans ability to reproduce. There are numerous other factors that could cause infertility even though a woman has regular periods. so to answer your question. A woman can have periods and still not get pregnant.

Why do periods delay?

Hormone levels and other factors will cause irregularity. No woman has ever had a perfect menstrual cycle.

Can a woman get pregnant again while she is still pregnant?

No, because the egg is already being used for the other baby to grow in. this can happen there has been cases but its very rare! 1992 a women fell pregnant 4 weeks apart (Taylor and Evan barth) 2007 3 weeks apart (ame and lia herrity) 2007 another 3 weeks apart (harriet and hnomes mullineux) 2009 2 and half weeks apart (todd and Julia grovenburg)

What can cause a 40 year old woman to have two periods in one month?

I am wondering the same thing...can anyone help?

How high are you chances to get pregnant 9 days after you period?

no chances man because when a women is pregnent she han no periods nd when a woman has not periods for 2 months one of cause for this is pregnency

You are 9 weeks pregnant and your periods came does that mean you are not pregnant?

No not necessarily, many woman still experience periods whilst pregant. I would strongly recommend you visit your doctor however just rule out any concerns.

Why am I still having periods at 56?

If a woman is still having periods at age 56, genetics may be a cause. Her doctor may want to run some tests to rule out medical problems.

What is the average number of periods a woman may have in her life?

well a woman can have 12 periods a year so count that with how many years an average woman lives

Can a woman have two periods a month?


Why does a woman bleed between periods?

that is the period dummy! they dont bleed between periods.

Can women get their periods twice in a month?

A woman can get her period twice a month if she has irregular periods.

Can a woman touch the quran when she is on her periods?

no she cant

How often do woman have their periods?

most woman get there period 28 days after they last had it.

Does hyperthyroidism have an effect on menstruation?

Yes, it does. Uncontrolled ie untreated hyperthyroidism may cause irregular periods of shorter duration than is normal for the woman in question. The irregular period is also associated with lower fertility. Hyperthyroidism will not cause painful periods if the woman used to have pain-free ones previously. And as soon as the medication is working, her period will start to go back to normal.

How can you have a miscarriage 4 weeks along?

There is nothing you can do at four weeks that will cause a miscarriage, if you want to terminate a pregnancy go to a women's clinic quickly, the early this is done the easier it is for the woman to get through.

Can a woman get pregnant after two weeks before her periods and have headaches instade of periods?

yes,ovulation can occur at any point in your cycle. Headaches are a common symptom of pregnancy. If you feel you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your doctor.