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What would cause bloating constant tiredness raised temperature a runny nose and problems sleeping in my 37 year old wife?


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She could be pregnant. Any other symptoms? not to speak of, no missed period, this is not due until 10/8, first day of last period was 13/7 however had unprotected sex on 26/7, any thoughts?

Well I know that when I was first pregnant that is how I was feeling. A lot of women say they feel like they have a cold before they find out they are preggers. I guess just wait until 10/8 and see! There is a possibility. Go to an online fertility calendar and you can put in those dates. It will tell you when her fertile days were so you get a better idea. Thanks for the info, just checked one of those, advises that this was the most fertile day of the whole month, however is there anything else this could be as we have 3 children already and she has never had any of these early symptoms before?