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You must fart on it many times it will work if you poop mushy enough or hard enough.You'd probably need to have Diabetes to poop hard enough though -.-

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What is the most popular way an internal DVD drive interfaces with a motherboard

A DVD can only use the top surface for data

Which holds more data a microdrve or a zip drive

How do you run Windows on Mac Leopard G4 with no Intel

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Q: What would cause computer speakers to stop working and everything including including the volume seems to be ok?
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My speakers just stopped working Like they turn on and everything and work on your ipod but it seems the computer wont read your speakers How do you get them to work on your computer?

Make sure they are plugged in RE: i think that you can't be stupid enough for the speakers to not be plugged in. So i think it could be a fault with your computer if the are working on your ipod. Try getting new speakers. THANKS. Chelseasugar!! xoxoxo

If the sound on my computer is not working, should I replace the speakers, or is something else probably wrong?

It could be a number of things including the speakers, sound card, or computer settings. You will have to determine the problem through trial and error.

Why isn't my trip computer on my 2002 Pontiac grand prix not working when everything else seems to be working fine?

A computer is a very smart so it is working

How do you get the sound working on your computer?

install sound drivers OR unmute the speaker volume OR plug in the chord of the speakers

Why would your 5 year old external computer speakers not be working?

You could have worn them out or, if you dropped it, broken them. But an easy way to fix it would be to buy headphones or bulky speakers

Why doesn't the computer have sound?

Turn on your speakers. If not working? They're broken. Also a computer usually have a sound card in the back of it. check if there's a plug for speakers or headphones. If it isn't working, might be broken. If you dont see a plug then there isn't a soundcard. Get one. You also might have the volume button turned on mute. Check that as well.

Why would my headphone jack work but not my speakers?

because the speakers aren't working

If my computer's sound isn't working, is it probably because I need a new sound card?

Check first if speakers are plugged in and turned on and if they are muted.

What is the working area of the computer?

What is the main working area of a computer? - The motherboard connects everything together, but the main work is done on the CPU or Central Processing Unit, a large chip(s) on the motherboard.

Why would the speakers on your PC stop working?

A number of things. Is the audio cable plugged into the green jack tightly? Is the power pack plugged into the wall and into the speakers? Is the "volume" control on your computer muted or turned all the way down? Is the sound card working properly? Good luck.

What is the PEST analysis for Microsoft?

This will go through and do an analysis for Microsoft. It can help you to determine if everything is working properly on your computer.

When would you not want to wear a ground wrist strap when working on your computer?

You should always where a ground strip when working on the internals of a computer. You should always unplug the computer from everything before working on it and ground yourself to the computers metal case. This will equalize the static electricity between you and the mother board and her components.

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