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I Would Bet You Have Been Getting Water Into Your Tank, Maybe You Might Check For This. Also If You Always Buy Gas At One Station Could Be From Water In Their Fuel. I Have Seen This Happen. Suggest You Get Your Fuel System Cleaned Up, Change Your Filter Often, Add A Fuel Conditioner Frequently. GOOD LUCK

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βˆ™ 2006-08-10 04:32:52
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Does precipitation cause condensation?

Opposite. Condensation causes precipitation.

Can dirty injectors cause black smoke on a cummins engine?

yes dirty injectors will cause black smoke. basically the black smoke is unburnt fuel dirty injectors usually mean dirty pump as well,but if ya pump is turned up for performance, this will also cause blck smoke a good dose of injector cleaner thru the system will usually fix, if that's the problem.a little tip, double does it, it will not hurt the system.

Can chlorine cause a Chemical burn in sinus cavity?

Yes, it can cause chemical burns to entire respiratory system.

What cause rainfall?

evaporation & condensation

What causes the engine to start but kill instantly on a 1997 oldsmoblie achieva?

the passlock antitheft system will cause a lack of fuel enable to injectors.

Does carbin bildup on fuel injectors cause backfire?

Normally you do not get carbon buildup on injectors. They can get gummed a little, or blocked, but that should not cause backfire. Check timing.

Will gas clean injectors in a diesel?

Gasoline will not dissolve the carbon deposits that clog the injectors but it will cause your engine to not start.

What do evaporation and condensation cause together?


Can condensation cause floor to ceiling mold?


Will damage to nervous system cause tremors of the entire body?

spasms and loss of control of limbs

2001 Nissan Maxima system lean bank 1 what is the error code and what could be the cause?

The Error code P0171B. The cause??? Help! vacuum leak. dirty injectors( 4 or 6 cyl.?)

Can injectors cause engine knocking in a Kia Sorento 2003?


What can I do about condensation at the lid of a Chest Freezer?

Make sure that the lid seal is sealing tightly, if the seal is broken this will cause condensation.

What would cause an 89 Oldsmobile regency 98 to miss.?


What cause fuel in engine oil 1994 accord?

Leaking injectors.

Can fuel injectors in a car cause shuttering on acceleration?

Possibly, yes. If the injection system is not providing a steady and regular supply of fuel to the engine, shuddering and hesitation could result. Note that the fuel pump is part of the fuel system, and can cause similar symptoms if it's failing.

What is keyston species?

a species so importent to the surrounding that its removal may cause the entire eco-system to collaps

What could cause a gaseous substance to form into a liquid?


Can condensation cause water to mix with oil in car?


Is evaporation the cause for water drops forming on the pot of ice?

The cause is the condensation of water vapors.

Does condensation cause tornadoes?

Not directly. Condensation can trigger thunderstorm. If these thunderstorms are strong enough and encounter the right conditions then they can produce tornadoes.

Would a defector alternator on a 1994 Lincoln MK VIII cause entire electrical system and engine shutdown?

it could do

What happens when condensation occurs?

When condensation occurs, water begins to bead on the outside of the machinery or area. This can cause rust or damage to some machines.

What are the effects of humidity on PC?

Humidity can cause components some to rust, and condensation can cause short circuits.

What is the cause of rainfall?

Condensation of water vapor out of solution in the upper atmosphere.