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What would cause gas to come out of the tailpipe on a 1994 Dodge Dakota?

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Are you sure it's Gas and not Water. I find it hard to believe that gas made it past your Catalytic converter and the muffle. Good Luck and Remember.

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Would a bad o2 sensor cause a 02 dodge Dakota to stall?

Yes, a bad O2 sensor would cause a 2002 Dodge Dakota to stall. It would also cause bad fuel mileage and hard idling within the vehicle.

What would cause a miss in a 1998 Dodge Dakota?

If it is not diesel, you probably have a fouled or disconnected plug.

Would a bad head gasket cause loss of oil to come out the tailpipe?

No. A bad head gasket would cause water to come out the tailpipe. You will see white smoke. Leaky rings would cause oil to come out the tailpipe. You will see blue smoke.

What would cause a dodge Dakota to stall under braking?

if it is automatic then this would be caused by shift down is not working in transmission

What would cause a 87 dodge Dakota to shut off the engine going down the road?

It ran out of gas

What would cause the humming and grinding in my left front wheel on my 2002 dodge Dakota 4x4?

Wheel bearing?

What recall have been on 94 dodge Dakota?

I would like to Know of any recalls on a 1994 dodge dakota?

What would cause oil to blow out the tailpipe?

leaky valve seals

What would cause 1999 dodge Dakota to get hot?

MY 1995 DAKOTA got hot because the radiator was rusted out. The fins on the radiator would crumble just by touching it. Replaced radiator, problem solved.

What would cause a 1998 dodge dakota to produce a humming noise coming from the left front tire?

Check the wheel bearing.

Will a 87 Dodge Dakota transmission fit in a 97 Dodge Dakota?

If they are Automatics it will not shift properly. It would bolt up if they are the same engine.

Would the fuse panel in a 1991 Dodge Dakota be the same as a 1991 Dodge van 250?


Would bananas in the tailpipe damage a car?

no but it may cause it to stall if exhaust is blocked

What would cause white smoke to come out of tailpipe?

Head gasket or cracked head

What would cause an EGR valve to burn up repeatedly in a Dodge Dakota?

excessive exhaust back pressure, possibly a failed catalytic converter

What would kill your ECU on your 1992 Dodge Dakota?

Old age

Dodge Dakota 3.9 flywheel have sensor contacts?

After about 1995 all Dakota flywheels would have sensor targets on them.

What would cause black smoke to come out of the tailpipe in a 92 firebird?

black is excess fuel

What would cause a well running 1998 Dodge Dakota to stall unexpectedly and not restart for about 10 to 15 minutes?

sounds like an electrnic ignition module I have a dodge 1992 Dakota and it had that same problem, i have tried a lot of thingsthat i thought would work, but then i go a new computer from the junkyard, and it ranperfectly, hope this helps

After changing the transmission fluid in a 2000 dodge Dakota 4.7 what would cause it not to go in any gear?

change both filters and be sure both are tight

What would cause a radiator cooling fan not to shut off on a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

radiator fan relay has failed. It is found in the fuse box under the hood.

Can you install fuel injection on a 1987 dodge Dakota 3.9?

IT would be possible, but it would be easier to buy a 1988 or newer Dakota and have it already equipped that way.

What would cause just the running lights and dashboard lights not to work on a 1995 Dodge Dakota?

switch dead short bad wire test wires or trace system out

Are the Dodge Dakota Bed and Dodge Ram bed the same dimensions?

No, they are not the same size, the Dakota is a mid-sized pick-up and the Ram is a full size pick-up. The Dakota bed then would be smaller and the Ram bed wild be larger.

Would cause gas to pour out the tailpipe on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

May be a bad fuel pressure regulator.