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this means there is something going on with the engine. take it to a auto parts store and they will scan for the codes, for free. to tell you which curcuit its in. its a possibility that its a bad tps, or throttle cable, etc. God bless!

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โˆ™ 2012-10-15 13:55:50
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Q: What would cause my 1991 lumina have the check engine light stay on and the car periodically accelerate on its own?
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What would cause a 1990 Chev lumina to flood when cold starting it?

if you press the pedal to much that is what can cause the engine to flood

What cause engine to accelerate while driving?

Gasoline pedal/air intake pedal

Why does Mercedes Benz W126 280se vibrates when accelerate?

The reason why it is vibrating is cause of the Engine Mounts. You have to get the Engine Mounting changed ! cheers.

A net force greater than zero will cause an object to?

... to accelerate.... to accelerate.... to accelerate.... to accelerate.

What is the cause of ticking or tapping in a 1994 V6 3.1 Chevy Lumina Euro?

Ticking in an engine generally refers to the valves. If ticking is apparent on a 1994 Chevy Lumina tighten the valves to factory specifications.

What cause your gas engine to fume blue smoke when you accelerate?

either you have bad piston rings or bad valve guides

What could be the problem in a 1998 lumina that has a growling noise when ever accelerating and sometimes when the AC is turned on high?

Several things could be making the Lumina growl. Check the belts and pulleys on the front of the engine. Check the engine mounts as well. Either of these areas can cause the problem of the growling noise.

What would cause 1995 Monte Carlo 3.4L DOHC to accelerate while idling?

The 1995 Monte Carlo could have a vacuum leak. An engine vacuum leak can make the car idle up and accelerate.

What would cause an engine to idle but stall when trying to accelerate?

Had a Jeep in the shop here with that problem last week and it turned out to be low fuel pressure. Try running a fuel pressure test. The Jeep would idle ok but when you tried to accelerate the engine would stall.

Why 1989 Volvo 240 won't accelerate properly?

A dirty air filter will cause your automobile to not properly accelerate. A dirty fuel filter will also cause your automobile to not properly accelerate.

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What does a force cause a mass to do?


If you have no sparkno fuel pressure and no injector pulse on 1995 lumina van what could cause this?

Could be a broken timing belt or a bad Engine Control Module.

Will oxygen sensor cause a car not to start on a Chevy Lumina 97?

The car will start and run poorly in the limp mode and the check engine light will illuminate.

Why is Ford Taurus engine light flashing?

It is an engine misfire. Don't accelerate too fast or brake too fast. Get your car into the shop as soon as you can because it can/will cause damage to your catalytic converter.

What makes a car accelerate?

The more you push on the accelerator the more you increase the fuel/air mixture to the engine which will cause the engine to turn more RPMs, thus propelling the vehicle at a faster speed.

What does it mean when check engine light is on and 2004 dodge stratus automatic can accelerate but engine does not change gears?

Problem with the transmission. You need to have the transmission computer checked for codes to know a possible cause.

What can cause a SUV to not accelerate past 10 mph even when you step on the gas and there is no check engine light on?

A very plugged up fuel filter.

What cause engine to not accelerate while driving?

Fuel pump going out throttle body needs replaced air fuel mixture not set right.

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What can an unbalanced force cause an object to do?


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What causes a high pitched whistle in 1992 Lumina while driving?

Many time the high pitched whistle will be cause by a loose or unattached vaccuum line on the engine.

What does it mean if your security light stays lit when the engine is running on a 96 lumina 3.1?

my 97 lumina has the same problem. the user manual says that the security system is not working properly. it will not cause problems, but the system should be checked by a technician. hope this puts you to rest, it did me....:)

What could cause the engine to whine on an 85 Chevy caprice when you accelerate?

Crack in intake or exhust, or belt glazing- Check all the intake and exhust bolts.