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What would cause no taillights turn signals or running lights on one side of a 2000 Buick?


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2004-12-07 09:59:51
2004-12-07 09:59:51

Yhese are fed from different sorces so I would check the groiunds on the lights.


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I have a chev cavlier 1995 and the running lights do no work---on the dash the green light keeps blinking----what should I do?

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The lights on your Buick could be out for a number of reasons. It could be blown fuses, faulty wiring, or dead bulbs. Your mechanic would be able to test this.

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Take off the steering wheel. There is a turn signal bar that you have to clean the pins and bend them out to put more pressure on the contacts. Then put it back together.

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To repair the Reatta running lights check the fuse first. If the fuse is blown ad a replacement blows then check the lights and wiring for any shorts.

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I had this problem with my 1994 Buick LeSabre and it no longer happened when I installed a new battery. It's been at least 6 months now with no recurrence of the problem. Before the new battery, I noticed that if I waited about 5 minutes after turning off the car, I could get the lights to turn off. Seemed like something had to cool down.

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