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Maybe faulty adjustments? How did it run before you replaced all the parts? Maybe you have two of the plugwires in the wrong holes? Do you understand how the firing order works?

How many modifications, aftermarket parts have you installed on the engine? Is it used for racing?

check you firing order all plug wires go in the same spot thay were in on the distributor cap and the engin check your plugs for proper gap and to make sure u didnt crack any and check to make sure u didn't move your distributor housing as this would advance or retard the timing and check your rotor dutton for burnt ends or week springs that's the thing under your distributor cap but i recommend having some one look at or help u with it if u don't know much about cars because these steps if done wrong will cause car not to run or run like crap how ever if done right should fix the car

have your catalytic converter checked out, a plugged converter can cause car to overheat, have a huge loss in power during acceleration and die when coming to a stop.

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Q: What would cause rough idle shuddering and loss of power in a 1994 Camaro V6 after a tune-up with new wires plugs and adjustments?
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What causes shuddering while driving a fiesta 1995 1.1lx?

The shuddering could be caused by several things. Check the front end parts on the Fiesta to start with. A loose or worn part is the most likely cause of the problem.

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What could cause a gas smell in the exhaust of your 1990 Chevy Camaro RS?

too rich in fuel/air mixture.have your car put on a sun scope and the tech will diagnose/analyze it and make adjustments to your cars computer.

What is a PC tuneup?

a PC tuneup is where the computer gets rid of junk files and other things that can cause your PC to crash or allow hackers to access your computer. it will also make your computer run faster

What would cause a thumping sound under your car while breaking?

Is it accompanied by a shuddering or vibration? You could likely have bad brake rotors.

IF an air bag is deployed will it cause your Camaro not to start?

No, it will not.

What could cause a 1987 Thunderbird to stall?

AnswerIt probably needs a tuneup.check your mass air flow meter

How does to much automatic transmission fluid effect shifting patterns through the gears of a 92' 250 ram van?

The fluid will aerate, which will cause slipping, shuddering, etc..

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Which is faster a Camaro with a 305 or custom 500 with a 352?

i think the camaro cause even doe the custom 500 got a 352 its heavier way heavier

Would a overdue tuneup cause your car not to start?

yes it can. it will rev up like it wants to start but it wont turn over hope that helped

What would cause a 94 camaro z28 to turn over but have no spark?

burned rotorbug

Does overdrive cause transmission slipping?

If the transmission is healthy and any/all adjustments are done properly there should be no slippage.

What is better the 2010 Camaro SS or the 2010 Mustang GT With Speed Handeling and comfort?

a camaro has more horsepower and torque. 425 hp for the camaro and 350 hp for the mustang.the camaro has excellent comfort.the mustang...not so much. hey guys , ask me questions , cause i am the car guy, i know every thing about cars. your welcome

What would cause a coolant fan not to work on a V6 camaro?

try turning on the fan switch in the car

Why is the Camaro SS better than Dodge Challenger and Mustang Gt?

Cause Chevy runs deep

Can fuel injectors in a car cause shuttering on acceleration?

Possibly, yes. If the injection system is not providing a steady and regular supply of fuel to the engine, shuddering and hesitation could result. Note that the fuel pump is part of the fuel system, and can cause similar symptoms if it's failing.

Why does 1995 Camaro have little or no power?

Cause its a camaro silly. You did not mention if it had a check engine light "on" or not. When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced? Please provide more information so that you may receive a suitable answer.

Swapped a 1992 Camaro v6 for a v8 wont idle?

dude find a camaro forum and go into detail in what you did and ask there cause with the gobs of info we have I'm just gonna throw it out there and say its the flux capacitor

What would cause a 1998 Ford Windstar GL to run rough?

You may just need a tuneup. Could be a number of things. Dirty fuel injectors, vacuum leak, etc.

What would cause hesataion or shuddering while accelerating while driving 2005 Chrysler town and country van 3.8 engine?

Could be many things, but the most common are fouled spark plugs or a bad fuel filter.

Will a 1994 v6 Camaro transmission fit a Chevy 350?

it should cause the iroc and the 94 camaro use the same transmission and the 94 v6 camaro transmission will fit the 94 z28 the only problem is that if you are a tire kicker and its a stick shift it wont hold up to the power but if its a automatic you should be fine

Can a tuneup cause a blown head gasket?

No, a normal tune up cannot cause a blown head gasket. A blown head gasket normally is caused by an engine overheating or by a defect in the gasket or head. If it happened right after a tune-up that is just a coincidence.

What would cause a 1992 Camaro with auto trans to idle rough when put into gear?

Sounds like a vacum leak to me.