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You may want to check this with your dealer, but not too recently the cav and sunfire had a recall on the Power Steering. Something about a bad gear and power failure when making left hand turns. They would either replace the faulty gear or the whole rack and pinion assembly. Either way have it checked out. A steering problem is not a nice problem. It may cause accidents or death.

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How Can driver use power steering when engine gets off suddenly?

You can't. The power steering is driven by the motor. If the motor stops, there is no power assist for the steering.

What would cause the steering to suddenly go out on your 2005 silverado?

EVO sensor. Also known as steering speed sensor. Bad power steering pump, hose broke.

What happens if car power steering pump fails?

Your steering suddenly gets very heavy. You have to use a lot of force to turn the steering wheel to make it go where you wand it to.

How do you get a toy car to roll?

Get up to full speed then suddenly put maximum turn on to the steering wheel.

What could be wrong with an 89 Honda Accord if the battery light came on and suddenly smoke came out from the steering column?

You hav a short in the steering column. TAke it to the garage before it catches on fire.

Honda accord steering becomes hell hard and eps light is on?

suddenly becomes very light on a wet road

What is the purpose of the steering damper?

It's primary purpose is to control excessive feedback into the steering wheel. For example, when you hit a large pothole, some vehicles would feed back that energy into the steering shaft causing the steering wheel to jump left or right suddenly which could cause the driver to loose control of the vehicle. Not all vehicles need one of these.

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What causes really h eavy steering on a fiat punto?

If the car is being driven with the "city" setting selected and suddenly the steering goes heavy and a steering wheel symbol appears in the instrument cluster then the electric power steering has failed. If you stop and the ignition is switched off and then back on again the steering should recover until the next failure which may be minutes, hours or days apart. The best solution is to deselect "city" driving and drive on normal setting which may never fail but if it does then the answer is to get a new steering column with integrated power steering fitted but it is costly £700 to £800.

How do you react to a tire blowout?

Do not brake suddenly you might spin. Apply light braking at most. Grip the steering wheel firmly, and duide your car to the side of the road.

What would cause 1996 Cavalier 2.4 to suddenly while driving start missing on two cylinders and when coils changed for it to be out of timing but one cylinder fires but others backfire.?

Since the Cavalier is out of timing, check the timing gears and belt. It sounds like the belt has slipped and is causing the base problem with the car.

What is wrong when power steering stops and antifreeze leaks suddenly?

It sounds a bit like a water pump that went out all of a sudden. Losing the belt would kill the power steering, so maybe the pump bearing failed and the belt burned or jumped off.

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