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Stuck brake light switch.

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โˆ™ 2005-05-14 17:15:01
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Q: What would cause tail lights to stay on after turning off 1996 olds cutlass ciera 6-cylinder efi automatic?
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Will a 1971 cutlass front bumper fit on a 1970 cutlass?

Yes, but the signal lights are the wrong shape.

How do you disable the automatic on lights on a 2000 Montana?

Answerapply the parking brake before turning the ignition/starting the motor. OK, so how do you reengage it?

Brake lights are staying on your 2003 ford explore xlt awd automatic 6cylinder?

What you need is what they call a brake light on/off switch. This seems to be a minor issue with the explorer. It is located on the brake pedal and the part cost about $10.00 at your local parts store. Hope this helps. Will

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Which is the taillight fuse on mid eighties cutlass?

Same as parking/dash lights

1992 Oldsmobile cutlass turn lights do not work?

turn signal flasher

What do the indicator lights mean?

indicator lights means the vehicle is turning

Why do your parking lights stay on on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am?

Are your lights automatic or do you have to turn them on??? If there automatic then you need to turn the knob to the left of the steering wheel and turn it to "Off" and its the same if there not automatic too.

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