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check the fuses. Same thing with my 96 corsica, along with a few other instruments.

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1996 Ford Explorer odometer not working how can it be repaired?

If the speedometer works but the odometer does not work, you have to replace the worm gear on the back of the speedometer. you can buy one from: SPEEDOMETER GEARS.COM part# 10-021w 95-99 ford explorer/ranger/f-series price includes shipping inside the u.s phone # 1-800-446-2880

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How do you Enable my laptop's Touchpad click I am using Lenovo 3000 N 100 series It was working fine for me and suddenly it got disabled I can move the cursur with Touchpad but can not select?

probably play with it

Is there a 7 seat conversion for the 5 series?


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Yes, she played the lead.

Will 17 inch rims fit a 95 ford escort?

yes with a 45 series tire but you also have to reprogram your speedometer

Is Erin Hunter working on a dog series?

YES! There will be a dog series called "Survivors"

What pay band is the 1101 series YA or YB for 1102 contract specialist?

Recommend you visit NSPS online conversion tool at

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Can the tippmann ak conversion kit for the 98 custom fit the 98 custom platinum series?

They should be universal.

Craftsman lawnmower manual fwd 625 series?

primer is not working

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yes. he is working on 2 new series.

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What are the release dates for Sabrina the Animated Series - 1999 Working Witches 1-61?

Sabrina the Animated Series - 1999 Working Witches 1-61 was released on: USA: 1999