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I also have a 2000 Honda Accord except mine is a 2.3 L V TECH, my SRS light has been on for about 3 years now. Just recently though now my brake light comes on under acceleration and then goes off for no apparent reason also my oil light does the same. A mechanic told me my CPU might be going bad although there are no V TECH codes

Answer:I just learned about something for my 2000 Honda Accord V6...very interesting. I JUST came back from SEARS after getting two front tires and an Alignment. It was only after that the SRS light showed up. I found out that when some places do the alignment, after they do it and the steering wheel is not quite right, the lazy way is to remove the steering wheel, center it back on the spindle, then reattach the steering wheel. If they do this, they could possibly break a wire that comes from the SWheel that tells the SRS that the wheel is correct. Another thing is my SRS light comes on when I have a lot of junk on my passenger seat (just came back from Xmas Shopping). Just some things that I've learned. Will keep you posted with the code I get when I go yell at the tech from SEARS. AnswerMy 1995 Accord's SRS light is on, too. My mechanic says that part of the computer that controls the Supplemental Restraint System is broken, rendering the SRS useless. He did say that the airbags would NOT accidentally deploy; neither would they work in case of an accident. Quoted $600.00 for repairs. I have lived with it for 3 years now. Good luck. AnswerThis is a recall problem with your OPDS sensor. I just had the same issue repaired at my dealer (Sussman Honda, Willow Grove, PA - Feb 2007) on my 2000 Accord EX-L V6. There is NO CHARGE for this--even if you have a bunch of aftermarket stuff installed. So you might as well get it fixed NOW and be safe! AnswerI had the SRS warning light come on and stay on in my 1997 Honda Accord V6. I bought it when it had 174000 miles on it. I added 20,000 miles with SRS light on. I sold it with the SRS light on. I bought Honda Accord 2000 V6, with SRS light off. I drove just a 1000 miles and it came back. It look like, I need the SRS light on to drive the Honda. I think I can live with it without bothering too much. Answerwork for Honda,most likely drivers seatbelt buckle,9-3.this has lifetime warranty AnswerI'm having the same problem with a 2001 Accord. I tried to buy a OEM II code reader at Pep Boys to read the code from the computer. It didn't read the code for the airbag. Fortunately Pep boys allowed me to return the code reader. I tried asking the dealer to read the code and they wanted $90 for 30 seconds of work. $90 is more than what a code reader costs. I was livid. Is there another way to get the code out of the computer? I have the service manual for the car so I can I and figure out what parts to replace. AnswerHi, I am not sure of the whole procedure. but there is a manual way of clearing the computer. In the fuse box in the dash, there is a yellow/red connector whose one end will be a loose dead end. Now the two leads of this dead ended plugs have to be shorted in some sequence (like shorting for 6 seconds then leaving free for 4 secs etc). This resets the computer. This is a very easy procedure but unfortunatley I don't know the exact sequence. This is a provision kept by the manufacturer to reset. AnswerI have a 2000 Honda accord coupe with a SRS light on. I had the dealer replace the seat belt switch and a Honda mechanic replace the opds unit. I tried the reset sequence and the light still came back on. I checked the fuses and they are good, what other problem could there be?

===Unless the car has been totaled the car has lifetime warranty on seatbelt assy's and buckles, also certain vin ranges have an extended warranty on the SRS system as well. don't trust some guy at the local "sure to fail aftermarket parts store" to properly diagnose the code. Take it to the dealer were properly trained personel can help you the most.

AnswerIf you removed your small fuse for any reason the SRS light on a Honda and a lot of other vehicles will remain lit until reset. The dealer will charge around $100 bucks or you could use this excellent site for resetting it yourself -


Keep the SRS light Off:

In my case, the SRS light turned on due to an old battery. Replaced the battery, the SRS light was reset and the light has not come back on. Test the battery at your local car store under a load and see if your battery is bad. Mine was bad eventhough the battery indicator indicated "blue"=good battery. Saw this on other posts and it turned out to be the reason why my SRS light turned on even after I reset it. Now, with a new battery, the light has stayed off.


I have Honda Accord 2001 EX V6. The SRS light was on for about one year. I read this Answer and follow it reset the SRS successful. The MES is at the BACK of the driver side fuse panel. It is the small two pin yellow plug. (Another yellow plug is big, do not select the big yellow one.). Thanks for all your answers.

See Related LinksSee the Related Link for "" to reset the SRS light with a paperclip. Do so at your own risk. Doing this won't make your airbag deploy, won't fix a broken wire/sensor/control unit, or won't let you know that you may have a faulty seat belt tensioner or airbag. It might however, get rid of that annoying red light that shines like a laser pointer at night. BTW, the MES (Memory Erase Signal) connector is a yellow connector with two wires in it that is plugged into the back of the driver's side fuse box.

The SRS light is on because there is a problem with the SRS, it is that simple. Resetting the light will not solve the problem as it will just come back on. Working on the SRS can be very dangerous, so this is not a DIY repair. Take it to a qualified technician for repair. Normally this would mean the dealer. It may very well be covered under warranty.

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"SRS" means Supplemental Restraint System, or the airbag system. Something has gone wrong in the airbag system. Take the car to the dealer, please.

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Q: What would cause the SRS light of a 2000 Honda Accord to come on and how can it be reset?
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