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Check your owners manual first for info. If the battery and what looks like a thermometer flash together there are 2 possible reasons. The first is that your coolant is low. The second is that the PCM has found a discrepency between two temperature sensors. The IAT (intake air temperature) and the ECTS (coolant temperature sensor).

      • Check your belt tensioner, I've heard that it is common that they go out in will affect both your alternator and your water pump (the reason for your dummy lights going on) same thing happened to me...the part is around $100, but needs to be put in by a mechanic most likely.
      • Something I once found was that there was a short in the trunk lighting, so it wouldn't shut off, and drained the battery.

Your battery light does not flash It is your low coolant light Fill up coolant and you will be fine

actually the belt tensioner went on my car and i replaced it myself in an hr or so. i just had to take off the pass tire to get at it.

2011-09-13 17:55:02
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What would cause the battery light to flash on and then off only once in a 2000 Malibu Battery is under a year old?

check your alternator you may need to replace it and battery too, sorry

Why would the brake light and battery light flash on a 1996 Nissan Sentra?

could be a bad alternator or battery

What causes your battery light to flash on and off in a 2000 Toyota sienna?

A failing alternator.

Why does the dash warning stop light flash when the air conditioning is switched on in my peugeot 306 hdi?

The flashing warning light may be an indication that the air conditioning system is drawing too much power from the battery. A weak battery or alternator can be the cause of this problem.

Why would the battery light on a Clio 1.2l always flash even though when it was serviced there was nothing wrong with it?

on my old 1.2 clio the battery light came on as there was fault with the alternator and it needed replacing. As far as i know the battery light comes on when the battery is not charging or there is a fault with the battery.

Will the iPad 2 have flash?

i will not have flash cause last year flash spread out the most viruses and if that happened they will lose there 10 hour battery life to 2-3 hours.

If the alternator has been checked by mechanics who say it is good can a short or something else cause the battery and air bag light to flash and the battery to die on a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

What kind of seat belt system do you have? Check your seat belt system, as my escort does this occassionally and it has to do with the seat belts not working properly.

My head lights get brighter during acceleration. I have replaced the alternator. What causes the battery light and the air bag light to flash on and off when driving a 1994 Ford Taurus Wagon 3.8L?

your alternator was never the problem. Its your battery and/or charging system. the reason the lights get brighter is because the car isn't getting the propper amount of energy from the battery and is having to directly draw off of the alternator. when the engine is rev'ed the alternator spins faster creating more current to charge the battery, witch is why the lights brighten at higher rpms.

Headlights flash in and out when you push on the gas of my 1996 ford windstar?

Do you mean they dim when you push on the gas? If yes then try having the alternator and/or battery checked. Normally the battery should be between 13 and 14.5 volts when running.

Why would 2004 CIVIC battery light flash?

either your belt is loose or alternator is faulting out go to nearest part store and have it tested for most accurate test remove alternator from vehicle I've had that happen before and in the vehicle alternator tested good. removed from vehicle it tested bad. replace alternator no further problems

Why does the battery light flash on your 1996 Ford Taurus and you have a new battery and the alternator seems to be fine also have a new belt and when the battery light flashes your lights dim?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alt belt.Also check that the belt is routed correctly - I found a wrong way to route the belt and had similar symptoms.See "Related Questions" below for routing diagram sources

Why would the battery light flash in a 1997 Chevy cavalier?

From what I have found there are a few different reasons.1. Loose connection to the battery.2. Loose or bad serpentine belt.3. Alternator is bad / going bad.4. Your batter is needing replaced.How old is the battery? If the case is that the battery is dead, then you are going to want to check the alternator also. Since it is trying to charge a dead or dieing battery, it is going to put a lot of wear on it and burn out the diodes inside the alternator.I would say check the battery with a digital meter, and see what voltage you are getting with the car NOT running... and then check with it with the car running, this is when the alternator is charging or attempting to charge the battery. With the car running running should be some where around12.4-13.6 +/-

What would cause the headlights to flash on and off on a 1999 Buick Regal?

If the headlights flash on and off, there may be a problem with the bulbs or fuses. There may also be a problem with the battery connections or wiring.

What would cause the wait to start light flash the truck not to hold a charge and the truck not to shift into OD 1992 Dodge Cummins?

alternator and od solonoid

Why would the battery light flash when the gas pedal is pressed and goes off when not pressed?

Weak alternator?Check with a voltmeterWithout engine running and a good battery reading should be around 12.8 With engine running reading should be 13.8-14.2

How long will emergency flashers flash?

Of course they will flash until the battery runs down. So the time depends on how good the battery is. I have personally seen them flash for 6 hours straight.

Where do the two small wires on the plug go and what do they do on a Delco-Remy alternator?

Hey David==one goes to the light or gauge on the dash and the other one goes to energize the field. Good luckJoe ==new answer== on a delco alternator, one terminal is a feed back that lets the regulator get a look at battery voltage. it should be hooked up to the battery. the other is a a "flash" terminal that starts the alternator charging, and commonly comes off the idiot lite. see the answer to "wiring a one wire alternator".

Why does your battery warning light flash on when accelerating in a 1992 turbo dodge stealth?

This could really mean several things. The battery is not working properly. The alternator is not working right. A loose connection in the battery or alternator connections that only seems to show up accelerating. Possibly where it is. The drive belt is slipping and if this slips the alternator will not be charging the battery fast enough to replace the charge while accelerating. I would start with checking all the cables for loose connections and corrosion. Then I would check the belt and make sure that it is tight and in good shape. Then I check or have the charging system checked. If you know how to use a digital voltmeter you can check the charging system your self. The amp should not go below 13. If it does then the alternator is bad. On the other hand above 15.5 amps and the alternator is frying the battery. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Why not flash drive require a battery?

Flash drives are powered from the power source in your computer.

Are the flash files in the Psp in the battery?


Can a thunderstorm cause a flash flood?

Yes. Thunderstorms are the primary cause of flash floods.

What can cause the pcm to crash when reprogramming flashing a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999 with jeep oem flashing tool?

There are a lot of things that will cause this. 1. Low battery voltage. 2. Flash tool has internal failure /issue 3. Poor connections from flash tool 4. Trying to flash the PCM with the wrong update

Brake light and battery light flash 1992 Nissan sentra?

Your alternator is defective. Could be the internal voltage regulator or one or more bad diodes. Replace as soon as you can to avoid getting stranded on the road.

Why does the alternator light on my boat start to flash when the batteries are fully charged?

The alternator may be failing. Remove it and have it tested at an Auto Parts store.

What does it mean if the transmission temperature light comes on after the check engine light comes on?

A low battery can cause the electrical system to flash check engine lights