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could be a bad alternator or battery

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Q: Why would the brake light and battery light flash on a 1996 Nissan Sentra?
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Brake light and battery light flash 1992 Nissan sentra?

Your alternator is defective. Could be the internal voltage regulator or one or more bad diodes. Replace as soon as you can to avoid getting stranded on the road.

What should you do to flash the brake lights?

tap the foot-brake lightly

Where is the reset button for the Vehicle anti-theft system on a 96 Nissan Sentra under the dash you can't see it you know it should be red or black?

There is no vehicle anti-theft system reset button under the dash on a 96 Nissan Sentra. To reset you need to sit in the car and lock the doors with the driver's side door button. Next, insert and remove the key six times quickly and wait for the hazard lights to flash. Once they flash, insert key again and turn to the acc position. Press a button on the remote and wait for the lights to flash again.

Why does brake light flash on the dash sometimes?

your brake fluid might be low.

What is the purpose of the flash suppressor on the M-4 Carbine?

A flash suppressor is intended to dissipate muzzle flash so as not to hamper the firer's vision in low light conditions. Sometimes, a muzzle brake is mistaken for a flash suppressor. A muzzle brake vents gases from the barrel in a direction intended to counter the recoil of the weapon, thus making it more controllable. However, a flash suppressor does not function as a muzzle brake, nor does a muzzle brake function as a flash suppressor.

Are the flash files in the Psp in the battery?


How long will emergency flashers flash?

Of course they will flash until the battery runs down. So the time depends on how good the battery is. I have personally seen them flash for 6 hours straight.

Why not flash drive require a battery?

Flash drives are powered from the power source in your computer.

Why does my Brake warning light flash when making a turn or accelerating after stopping?

Low brake fluid.

Why do your glow plug light flash while you are driving?

Are your brake lights out - usually it's a fuse for the brake lights.

What is the flash point of automotive brake fluid?

The answer is, at 275 degrees F.

How does the energy in a flash light work?

Its powerd by a Dc battery

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