What would cause the check engine light to be on and the catalytic converter to glow on a 1999 2.4L Hyundai Sonata?

I DONT KNOW FOR SURE BUT I DO KNOW THAT IF YOU DONT GET THE CAR REPAIRED YOU ARE INDANGER OF STARTING THE CAR ON FIRE THE CONVERTOR RUNS NORMAL AT 1500 DEG. WHEN IT GLOWS THERE IS A MAJOE PROBLE WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING TO RICH OR LEAN. PLAESE DRIVE THE CAR TO THE HYUNDAI DEALER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like the convertor has colasped internally. Check with the dealer to see if it is still under warranty. On most cars the emissions systems carry a longer warranty than drivetrain parts. Do this now......if the metal is glowing it could spark a fuel line and then there would be a real problem.