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What would cause the daytime running lights on a 2003 gmc sierra to not work?


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2009-10-27 03:29:55
2009-10-27 03:29:55

there is a number of things that could cause this. here are a few easy ones to check. is the e-brake fully disengaged. are the bulbs burnt out. is the wiring harness plugged into the daytime lights bulbs and in good condition. if these check out, you may have a fault in the daytime running light module.

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there should be a fuse under the hood or under your fuse block that probably blew

the daytime running lites go out when you put the trans in park. they also go out when you depress the parking brake. i would start looking there.

Some makes of cars have their lights on all the time, usually if the manufacturer is Swedish, where daytime-running-lights (or DRL) are mandated by law. If you check the cars which have lights on during the day, you'll notice they'll be Volvo, Saab or some other Nordic manufacturer.

i think, depending on the year, that problem is caused by a factory defect.

If by "dim headlights" you mean low-beams... the bulbs are bad and must be replaced.

The Grand Prix models come with daytime running lights so they are on during the day, but the regular lights are controlled by a sensor and are set to come on in dusk conditions automatically and off when daylight is sufficient.

Im Assuming you Should Check The Whole Lighting System. Usually it NOT the switch but could be. suprised me once when it was, but again usually not. The Daytime lights a separate from the Regular beams, check the high and low beams next before anything else. maybe just an old light that decided to Crap out?

All of these parts run on electricity, and for all of them to fail would be bad. Bad or burnt wiring could cause them not to work, or a alternator going bad could cause them not to work as well.

You must have a cross wire or a loose wire somewhere you should check a good electrian.

My Daytime Running lights module burnt out and the mechanic found a bad ground to be the problem. It turns out there was about 6 different things all being grounded at the same point so he split up the grounds. Hope this is helpful.

It can, if you leave the lights or flashers on too long.

There are several things that can cause your day time running the light relay switch to malfunction in your 2001 Chevy. The most common cause is a loose or corroded ground wire.

A blown bulb. Check fuses and then start replacing the bulbs one by one.

Check the fuses, if the fuse is blown you may have a short in the running light circuit.

When i was trying to disable my DRL's (Daytime Running Lights) i pulled the fuse for them and my headlights and instrument lights were flashing intermittently. Check the fuse panel in the glove box and look for the DRL fuse. Check if its blown. Hope this helps!!!

the fuse that controls the interior lights, running board,an rear wiper is blown. it is a 15amp fuse in the panel. Also,try the cluster dimmer position since it controls the running board lights and exterior mirror lights as well.This dimmer is located next to the headlight switch.Good luck!

i was wondering whether the switch at the parking brake could affect this problem.

Umm, cause the switch is on? Seriously, need more information. During the day? Your daytime sensor on the dash could be dead.

If the engine isn't running, the battery is low. If the engine is running, the alternator probably has a problem. If you are wearing dark sunglasses, remove them and the lights will get brighter. good luck!

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