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It's probably a loose connection, but it might be the switch.

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Q: What would cause the drivers control panel for the windows to not work for the windows but it will work for the locks and mirrors?
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On the 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora what would cause all 4 power windows to stop working at the same time?

Fuse, wiring, connector, drivers side window control switch.

What would cause your camera to not connect in Windows 8?

Your camera is connecting in Windows 8 because there is some internal sensor. To fix this you need to look for the relevant drivers.

Do you update BIOS with drivers OR firmware?

The BIOS for your computer is classed as firmware. Drivers are Windows components used to interface between devices (hardware) and software. Drivers are downloaded and installed under the control of Windows. A faulty driver upgrade may cause the related device to not be usable or may cause Windows to crash. It is usually relatively easy to recover. A BIOS upgrade should be downloaded only from the manufacturer of the motherboard of your computer. It will come with installation instructions. Take great care - a faulty BIOS change (e.g. one for another motherboard version) can possibly prevent the computer ever switching on again which is rather difficult to fix!

What will happen if water gets into drivers side door panel?

It will cause rusting from the inside, possible damage to power window motor, power door locks, power mirrors if equipped.

What would cause a 2004 Jeep's windows to lock and interior lights to stay on?

Probable broken wire in the harness in the drivers door jamb.

Chevy Impala drivers side heated mirror is broke will that cause the rear window defrogger to quit working?

It's very possible as the heated mirrors and the rear defogger are tied together.

Can you use a wireless USB adapter with drivers for Windows 98 SE on Windows 98?

Generally speaking, the driver should work fine, but there were minor changes in the USB stack between the two versions of Windows 98, so it may cause some problems.

What would cause the power door locks and mirrors not to work in a 1998 GMC Jimmy?


Are mirrored windows on car legal?

yes. all states have kept them legal. The exception may be the front drivers and passengers windows. Check with your local laws - the intense reflections from mirrored windows, particularly in the SW Desert, could cause immediate blindness of a nearby driver.

What mirrors cause light rays to diverge?

convex mirror

What would cause your power windows and power locks not to work on a 2006 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo but power mirrors do work?

One place to look would be where the wires pass from the door to the cab. If that Jeep has high mileage the drivers door has been opened and closed a zillion times. The wires can break from repeated bending in the door to cab area. Another place to look is at the master switch in the drivers door. Look for water/dirt damage to the contacts.

What could cause a knocking noise from under the drivers side floor board on a Chevy Blazer?

Loose Lug nuts bad control arm...

Do older drivers or teen drivers cause more traffic accidents?

older drivers are more responsible for accident because cause of small height not look all sides.

Can the sun cause the windows to smear when cleaning windows?

no. not necessarily,

Will you lose all your drivers if you erase the hard drive you have the reinstallation CD?

Most computers have a "recovery" or "software" drive, these are the folders you want to avoid removing when replacing your operating system with a new one, they contain drivers. You will see these in a menu if you choose to make space instead of "updating" from the menu during reinstallation on disc. This applies to Windows.

How do you update your graphic card?

Press the Windows key + R, to bring up the Run box. Type in regedit, and hit enter. Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to expand the key, and delete the SOFTWARE entry. This will cause Windows to redownload the latest drivers for your graphics card.

What would cause all the windows on a 2002 Envoy to not go down replaced the drivers side master power switch and they still don't go down The locks work but the windows just make a click sound?

Check to make sure that the windows haven't popped off the track. This would cause the windows in your 2002 Envoy to become stuck and not go down. If you replaced the driver's side master power switch and the locks work but the windows just make a clicking sound, this could help.

What is the most likely cause of a failure of all the power windows in a 94 Acura Vigor except the driver's?

Check the safety switch at the top of the driver's door control module. If on, it locks all windows except driver's.

What could cause the drivers side window to not work when all the other windows work in a 1994 ford explorer?

It could be a bad switch or the motor that lifts the window up and down is bad

What would cause the power windows from not working?

Its possible you:ve blown a fuse, I would check them first.could also be window motor or your main window control

What would cause all of my windows locks and mirrors to stop working on a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

The 04 is common for a broken wire behind the door panel...usually when it comes out of the door and goes through the hinge area

What could cause 3 windows in a 1990 Nissan Maxium not to work?

If the drivers side window works; yet, the other three do not check the window lock by the window controls on the drivers door. If it is pressed it will lock the other three windows no matter where you try to roll them down from. If this button has not been pressed I would suspect that the switch is bad or there is a loose connection inside the door panel.

Can an IBM T20 hard disk function in an IBM T22 laptop with Windows XP?

Most likely, the answer is no. Reasons: 1. The OEM drivers for the T20 will cause problems on the T22 2. WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) will give you a disadvantage by thinking you pirated Windows. Basically, it will lock you from security updates.

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cause doors just isn't catchy.

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