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Possible lead wire for the fan shorting out. These problems may or may not be related. As the first contributor said, there might be a wiring problem in the fan switch to the fan motor circuit. Look for a wire rubbing on something else and look for the insulation on the wire to be damaged. Or the switch itself may be bad. I've seen them fail in the shorted (always closed) mode which will make the fan run all the time. This is probably not good on the fan motor as they are not meant to be used continuously. I can't recall right now what that switch looks like, but if you can get the wiring plug off the back of the switch and can get to the terminals that it plugs onto, you can put an ohm meter across the terminals. (do this with the engine off and stone cold) If the needle deflects, the switch is probably shorted (IE; bad) and needs to be replaced. OR, you can just try to CAREFULLY unplug the fan from the switch while the engine is running and the fan is running. If the fan stops, you can pretty much conclude the same thing...bad switch. NOTE: I don't really recommend this procedure. Fans can hurt you! Try to do this from UNDER the car if you can, so you can keep your fingers and clothing ETC away from the spinning fan. Also, this test presumes that the fan is still running all of the time. As to the Check Engine Light, be sure your fuel tank cap is real tight. If it's loose, it can cause the CEL to come on. Failing that, take the car to Auto Zone or Checker or wherever and have them put a code checker on the car's computer. They usually do this for free! It should give you some idea why the light is on.

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Q: What would cause the engine light to stay on and the FAN to constantly run even when the engine is cold on a 96 2.2 Engine sunfire?
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What could cause the cooling fan to run constantly on a 1996 Pontiac sunfire GT with a 2.4 engine?

If the AC is on constantly, the fan will be on constantly. If that's not it, it mught be the fan relay or the temperature sensor.

Is the 2001 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 engine a zero tolerance engine?

A 2001 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 engine is a zero tolerance engine which will suffer catastrophic damage should the timing system fail. Because of the tight tolerances inside the engine, even being out of alignment a fraction of a second can cause the valves to slam into the pistons.

Why does red oil light stay on constantly?

This is an indication that there is not sufficient oil in the engine ! Driving could cause the engine to cease, in the worst case it would then be scrap.

Can changing the type of gas in a 2004 Sunfire cause the engine light to stay on?

No, not unless you got some bad fuel with moisture in it.

What would cause an oil leak around the muffler on a 2004 Sunfire?

THATS usally cause by the engine using oil-because of bad oil rings etc.

What would cause all 4 spark plugs to be black and run rough on a 95 sunfire 22L?

Engine is running extremely rich.

What could be the cause of a clicking noise in the engine of a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?

check if your battery is low than usual ..might be alternator problem

Why is the fan on constantly together with the engine warning light on an alpha spider?

The most likely cause of this problem is a faulty engine coolant temprature sensor It will send a fault code to the ECU which will then illuminate the engine management light. It will also send false information to the ECU making the ECU believe that the engine is hot this will result in the cooling fans running constantly or coolant leakage.

Will the loss of radiator fluid and the motorbike was still ridden for 30 mins then require the bike to have a new engine?

If the engine was severely overheated, yes that can cause engine failure.If the engine was severely overheated, yes that can cause engine failure.

What cause engine locks?

running with out engine oil

Why is the oil light constantly on with at 1997 dodge stratus?

If the engine is not noisy then you have pressure. The cause is probably a failed oil pressure switch.

What happens if you overheat a Kia sportage until the engine shuts down?

Overheating an engine can cause the engine to see up resulting in a complete engine failure. Overheating the engine can cause the head gasket to fail.

Causes of engine lock up?

The most common cause of engine lockup is a lack of oil. Also, an engine overheating from lack of coolant can cause an engine to lock up.

What happens if you have no radiator coolant in your auto?

feeds no coolant to your engine, then air gets into your engine which will cause it to seize up and shut down, car will constantly shut off when temperature gets to high(dosent take long at all). will blow your gaskets and engine this way

Why does your engine run rough and constantly sputters on a 1990 Toyota pick up?

The v6 engines have valves burn out constantly, which will cause both the damaged cylinder and the one across from it to misfire.

What can cause engine light to be on sometime and sometimes transmission delay with soun-?

Mechanical breakdown of the engine can sometime cause transmission delay in the engine.

What causes heat light to stay on?

A faulty temperature sensor can cause the ECm to think your engine is overheating, this turning the heat light on constantly. You should make sure that your engine isn't in fact overheating though.

If timing is off will it cause engine to run hot?

yes this will cause engine to run hot

Can low gas cause a check engine LIGHT?

No, low gas cannot cause a Check Engine light to turn on. There would have to be a problem within the engine or the engine wiring for that light to come on.

Will a loose engine mount cause the engine to fall out?

A loose engine mount would not normally cause the engine to fall out because each car has several motor mounts. A loose mount could cause the motor to be off of balance.

Can a rusted flywheel cause the engine not to turn over?

No, a rusted flywheel will not cause the engine not to turn over.

Can driving without oil and water in coolant cause engine to blow up?

no oil in engine or water in radiator will cause engine to seriously o/heat! and eventually seize! major engine damage!!

What will happen if you don't have a air filter in your car?

Not having one, will allow particles in and effect your engine and cause damage and cause your engine to stop running. It can also be dangerous and cause an engine fire.

What could cause a 350 Chevy engine with a eldabrock to burn rich causing gas fumes constantly entering the cab.?

you need to tune the carburettor

Can the ignition switch cause your engine not to fire?

Yes, sometimes a faulty ignition switch can cause the engine to not fire. Also, a bad spark park can the engine to not fire.