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What would cause the front wiper to come on intermittently more often after using the indicator in a 1996 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter v6?


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you most likely have a bad switch, but the problem could also be a freyed wire if you have a tilt steering wheel.

But most likely I would believe it is a faulted switch which can be fixed by replacing the switch.

it is a expensive part and very time consuming.

If you wish to tackel this problem yourself, consult the Hayes or Chilton manual for your vehicle.

The directions in each are very easy to following but if you are a novice I would suggest the Hayes as it is more designed for the Novice Mechanic.

My Caravan has the similar problem, the shop could not find the fault and determined it to be a bad wiring harness. Other things started to happen as it went on. We reconnected all the connectors and things worked good, But after the warranty expired the wipers will cycle once every so often while driving down the road.

I have a 1994 Caravan and had an issue where the wipers came on when I used the turn signals. Also affected my headlight on the right side. Sometimes the turn signal wouldn't flash. It turned out to be a loose ground wire near the headlight on the right side.


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I had the same thing on my 2002 caravan sport and I changed the caliper, rotor, and pads and no more clicking.

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