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Bad thermostat would be the first thing to check. After that, heater core. I tried replacing the thermostat. No good. I moved to the heater core. Diconnected the hoses and ran a garden hose into it to "flush" it and a bunch of black stuff came out. Hooked it all back up and works great. Not sure where the black stuff came from but it was apparently keeping the coolant from flowing and heating properly in the core.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-24 16:37:08
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Q: What would cause the heater to heat poorly or lukewarm in a 1994 Ford Escort?
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What is the cause for lukewarm heat and coolant leak but car has not overheated?

The coolant leak is pretty cut and dry - you have a leak somewhere. The lukewarm heat (assuming you're referring to the car's heater) could be for a number of reasons. Insufficient coolant could be one of those. Your coolant could be burnt out. It could be a problem with one of your heater hoses. You could have a worn out heater core.

What would cause the heater and wipers to stop working on a 95 ford escort?

Most likely it would be a blown fuse in the fuse block.

Your 99 ford escort has a strong bad smell that makes me sick. What is the cause for this The front defroster is not working.?

probably heater core btw 8hrs have to remove whole dash

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Would the fuse in the heater relay cause the heater to leak into the car?


Will a leaking heater core cause your car to overheat?

A leaking heater core will cause the engine to overheat because the coolant is leaking out.

Will a space heater cause a fire?

A space heater by itself will not cause a fire. However, not following the space heater safety guidelines may start a fire. Actions that may increase the risk of fire include, but are not limited to: Leaving blankets or clothes on the heater, leaving anything flammable near the heater, and leaving the heater on in an unattended environment.

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What is the cause of a 1989 ford escort being hard to start and cutting out at approx 2000 rpms?

where is the cranking senor on a1989 ford gt escort

1999 Ford Escort Blower appears to work but air is not coming out of vents What would cause this?


Can you use a solar cover on pool while heater is on?

no u cant cause it might break the heater.

What could cause the heater or defrost to NOT blow warm or hot in a 1988 Ford Bronco ll?

Blocked heater core, faulty heater valve, disconnected connection to the heater valve.

How do you change a heater core in a expedition?

with a lot of time patience, experience, and tools. Best bet, take it to a mechanic who knows what he's doing. If you dont and install it poorly, it will either leak or cause your engine to overheat and then you blow your motor. Just my 2 cents...

If the eletricity is on and not the gas will this cause damage to the water heater?


1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 5.9 heater problem?

There are several things that can cause heater problems in your 1998 Jeep Grain Cherokee. The most common cause of heater problems is low fluid in your cooling system.

Would a bad thermostat cause a decrease in gas mileage?

A bad thermostat can cause a decrease in gas mileage. If the thermostat is stuck open, the engine will tend to run cold. Not only will this result in a perpetually low temperature gauge reading and poorly performing heater. It will also cause the ECU to richen the mixture, since the engine will appear to be warming up to the ECU. This will result in poor gas mileage. Replacing the thermostat will allow the engine to fully warm up, which will restore gas mileage as well as heater performance.

Will low coolant cause a cars heater to not work?

Yes. The coolant carries the engine heat to the heater core. Without coolant the heater core does not get warm.

What can cause heater not work?

Possibly the Heater Motor, if the fan is not coming on at all the bearing in the motor have probably gone out.

Will a bad heater core cause the car not to start?

No it wont. The heater core is just a small radiator inside the cabin that when the fan is turned on heats the air. A bad heater core will cause you to have no heat inside or will leak coolant on the carpet.

Would the water pump cause low heat from heater?

a bad water pump could cause low heat. The heater uses the coolant from the pump to generate heat.

Can a leaking heater core cause your ac not to work in 03 durango?

You may smell coolant when the ac is running but a leak in the heater core won't cause the ac not to work.

What is causing your 1994 ford escort lx's gas to mix in the oil and the car to shake during acceleration but not bad if im not pressing on the gas?

a stuck injector will cause too much fuel which will wash past the rings and get into the oil. The engine will certianly run poorly if that's what's going on.

Can a plugged up heater hose cause a massive leak from the heater hose connector on a 2000 Ford Windstar The heater stopped working a few months agoand I've already changed the thermostat.?

A blocked heater hose could cause a leak. A stopped up heater core could as well. Or the connector in the Windstar could be cracked.

What might cause a heater to blow cold air in a 1992 Wrangler?

heater core could be rusty and old or line to heater core could be plogged most likely old heater core

What would cause a car heater to not get hot?

low water, bad thermostat, vacuum door not working, clogged up heater core, heater valve broken........