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If all of the lights flicker I would check for a loose or corroded ground. If only 1 light flickers then check to see if the bulb is properly plugged in to its socket, or if there is dirt, corrosion or rust causing a poor connection.

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Q: What would cause the lights to flicker when running on a 1986 celebrity?
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Can a dimmer switch cause lights to flicker?


What would cause lights to flicker or pulsate on 98 Tahoe and yukons?

bad or failing alternator

What is causing lights to flicker and clicking relays on 2004 Monte Carlo?

Yea its an electric or body comtrole module .about 400.00to repair at dealer. Will cause lights to flicker off & on and sometimes horn will chirp also while driving

Why would your 1999 Geo Tracker head lights and dash lights blink?

On a 1999 GEO Tracker, a bad fuse can cause the headlights and dash lights to blink. A bad voltage regulator or alternator can also cause lights to blink and flicker.

What might cause the dashboard lights to flicker on a Sienna van?

Probably a loose wire or a short in the wiring that powers the dashboard lights. Also check the fuses and the wiring to and from them.

What would cause all running lights to flicker burn bright then go out--with the battery becomming literally smoking hot?

You have burnt out your voltage regulator. I would put money on your stator being bad now too.

Why does my 2002 trailblazer almost stalls when you come to a stop and the lights flicker?

A loose battery cable can cause your vehicle to on most stall and it can cause the lights to Flickr. Make sure your battery cables are tight and free of corrosion.

What would cause brake lights and running lights not to work you have power to the brake switch?

fuse, bulbs

Why should you not flicker the lights?

It may cause damage to the circuit to be repeatedly used like that. Sort of like heating and cooling an iron pan.

Why do eyelids sometime flickers?

The eyelid flickers when one has gases in the stomach. The gases which are a cause of indigestion cause the eyelid to flicker. The flicker is a normal flicker and not followed by any pain.

What would cause no brake lights in rear when the running lights are on the vechile is Nissan sentra?

brake light switch would be most common cause

What would cause your lights to flash on your 98 f150 when it is running?

emergency blinker

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