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It could be a faulty wire or connection. It could also be a faulty sensor or display unit.

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Q: What would cause the outside temperature sensor and the air conditioner to not work on a 2003 Nissan Maxima and could the problems be linked to one another?
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What problems occur when thermostat is at fault?

The temperature in the house is that of the temperature outside

What the air conditioner does?

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Outside fuses on air conditioner?

What about them?

Can you switch the air conditioner on to melt the ice on the outside air conditioner unit even if it is 30 degrees outside and the heat was on?

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What is level for an air conditioner?

low side readings between 30 to 40psi and the high side between 200 to 250psi depending on the outside temperature…………….

How do you use the temperature pressure table when measuring suction pressure on your split system air conditioner?

i think you subtract the evaporator temp from the outside temp?

Can air conditioner change the room temperature to high when it is 8 degrees outside?

No. An air conditioner operates with a condenser which circulates the air past refrigerant-filled coils, which thereby allows it blow out cold air. They have no ability to heat.

Is it bad to have your air conditioner set more than 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature?

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Does the central air conditioner have to be shut down if the outside temperature is too cool?

No, but it's a good idea to protect any metal equipment from extreme weather.

Why is the air conditioner not cooling the room very much?

Can possibly be multiple things.. Outside temperature, too much volume in the room, weak AC, Old filter.

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Basically the freezer does work to keep the inside at a lower temperature than outside. The coolant is compressed, and uses absorbed heat to expand again.

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A split air conditioner is a unit where the condensing unit is outside and the evaporator is inside.

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