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What would cause the right rear wheel to grind on a 93 Plymouth Grand Voyager while vehicle is moving?



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Couple things could be wrong if you mean Grind as in Metal on Metal grinding sound.
1. Wheel Bearing
2. Brakes need replaced. (If grinding get worse when you apply the brakes that is your problem.)
Next Steps.
Get a manual if you want to try the DIY route.
Take it to the Dealer and a Reputable Repair Shop. Which ever you decide to do. STOP driving the van till it is repaired.
Get it towed if you decide to have the work done. DIY route then I suggest you purchase this Manual.
[ Follow this Link] If you decide on the DIY route. Inspect things very carefully. Section 9-17 covers the rear brakes. You may get lucky and it be the bearing on the axle stub that has a problem. Also the steel backing plate that the brakes attach to may be damaged and rubbing the Brake Drum so inspect it for flat spots and anything that looks like it may have been rubbing. When removing parts try to lay them on the ground in a way that looks the same when they were on the van. This will help when you are ready to put the parts back on. Good Luck and Remember.
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