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A clog in the line. Another way to see if it's a clog is to put your control value to skimmer and then see if water is coming into pool from jet. If it is not being returned pool thru jet it is very definitely a clog in line. Next question should be how to get rid of a clog in line?

AnswerI have found that low water level will cause the skimmer not to operate very well or at all.

Air in the lines, maybe?? Could also be a bad pump seal, loose fittings in and out of the pump, loose or bad o-ring on the pump lid. Or maybe the timer just shut off. Bad motor?? Would have to see or trouble shoot system to give a quality answer.


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Q: What would cause the skimmer basket to lose suction?
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Why does the skimmer top pop out every time your pump shuts off on your above-ground pool?

Check you water level. It sounds like you have too much water in your pool. When your pump is running, it is "sucking" water through the skimmer, keeping the water level pulled down inside of the skimmer. When you turn the pump off, the water level pushes back up, causing the skimmer lid to come off.BETTER ANSWER::Totally opposite of the above answer. If the water level is at or below the throat of the skimmer then yes the pool water can vortex in that skimmer causing air to be sucked into the pump. The skimmer basket keeps popping up because of the entrapped air. It has nowhere to go except back to the pool in the direction of least resistance when the pump shuts off. Bring and keep the water at mid level or slightly higher. Add fill water when the water gets to within about one inch of the bottom of the skimmer. Another reason would be that you have an actual suction leak. Suctions leaks are found in the plumbing and/or pump back to the pool on the suction side of the pump. Sometimes the pump seal can leak and cause this. Check under the base of the pump at a place between the pump basket or pot and the motor. If damp, that may be the cause of the air. The air gets into the filter tank then backs up to the pool at the skimmer.K

Do you leave in your filter basket while you vacuum your pool?

Most likely you can't manually vacuum your pool with the basket in place as you have to hook hose to the suction hole and this would not allow this to pass

Why would tiny bubbles not from soap be jumping around in your pool?

your skimmer basket is full and it is not takink in any water. put water in your pool with a garden hose.

How do you repair a pool skimmer that has no pressure?

The answer is not in the skimmer. Skimmers do not have "pressure" however, they would have suction. The suction is generated by the pump ~ the smaller part, in size, of the circulation system at the equipment pad. The pump is the small cylinder or coned shaped object that has a motor attached to it. The other object on that pad would be the larger cylinder, cannister, plastic shell or whatever is called the filter. Back to the pump. Is the pump running? If not, why? Turn on the pump then check the skimmer. If you have water movement, all could be OK. When was the last time that you have actually opened the pump lid to empty the basket of all the debris ~ leaves, bugs, hair etc. Turn off the power to the pump and empty the basket. This task should be performed, at least, weekly. If the pump will not start then you have a problem either with the pump or the circuit breaker or both. Reset the circuit breaker, turn on the pump. What is the pressure on the filter tank? 15# or higher. Back wash the filter if that is the type system you have. If the motor will not start then, after performing the above tasks, you may have a bad motor. After back washing the filter and the system is running ~ recheck the skimmer for flow. If you seem to have a strong flow then the problem(s) have been solved. ( Dirty filter, dirty or full skimmer or pump baskets. Other possibilities: Another possibility is that you may actually have something in the suction lines plugging it or restricting it. Have you vaced the pool lately? What did you vacuum up? Is the water level at the middle of the skimmer throat or high enough for water to enter into the skimmer and flow to the pump without sucking air? You may need to add water to the pool.

Can you run the pool without the skimmer just using the main drain for circulation if you think you have a leak in the underground pipe from the skimmer to the pump?

Sure you can. You'll need to use a net to clean the junk off the top often so it doesn't sink and cause stains or clog up the main drain.You can however it would be a good Idea to repair or replace the existing skimmer with a different method of skimming say a suction side floating skimmer as there are many materials that float to the top of a swimming pool that may be hazardous to health RB

Will running only the skimmer drain properly filter a 10000 gallon in-ground pool if the main drain has a leak in the line?

A lot of above ground pools only have 1 inlet, what you need to remember is the skimmer removes floating items from the top of the pool so keep the skimmer basket clean, and you may have too vacuum more often without a middle inlet, but sometimes you have to do what is nessary to keep everyone happy, just make sure you keep the skimmer basket clean and the water level above the inlet or you will burn the pump up. Added: You also have a big problem if anything gets caught in the skimmer inlet because there is no other inlet to relieve pressure from the pump. So a hand caught in the skimmer pipe under the basket would become a big problem. As far as if it will filter the water, I think the test is if the water turns green.

If backwashing does not keep pump basket full of water what is wrong?

When back washing there is res resistance in the water being removed through the skimmer basket. It would seem that you need a little more water in the pool to stop it from being sucked empty.

What would cause a radiator to have suction in it while running?

Cracked head or leaking gasket. The suction is created on the downward stroke of piston during intake stroke.

How do you get rid of small debris on the surface of water in swimming pool?

the skimmer that is normally fitted with the pool is designed to take care of this problem, however it rarely does because more often then not it is int he wrong place in the pool or the water is too high as the result of rain or leaving the hose in too long or the water is too low for the skimmer to work properly. If one ends up being the victim of one of the above problems chances are that a floating pool skimmer would be the answer to the problem. The type of skimmer you are looking for is a suction side pool cleaner that plugs onto the vacuum plate over the leaf basket. once it is set up to the particular rate of the pool pump it will rapidly remove a large percentage of debris dust and insects from the surface of the pool. Hum, the problem with the above answer is that once the skimmer basket if full and or the pump basket is full or any of the above solutions then what. Best bet is to use your telepole and a leaf skimmer that attaches to the pole ( you can also use a "leaf rake" or net as they are sometimes called. With this method you exert some labor and remove most of the leaves at one session.

Why would the return on your pool not suction as vigorously as before?

I ran into that problem and found that the pump basket needed cleaning and that needle like leaves had gotten beyon that basket and into the pump impeller. I had to remove the metal ring that connected the pump to the pump basket and clean it out. After I did this, the pump was fine. I am a female, and if I could do it you can too.

When a baby is born what do you suction first?

you would suction the mouth then the nose.

How do you turn on and use the floor drain to filter and isolate the skimmer filters?

On the pool I take care of, before the pump (suction side) there is a large 3 position valve. To the left is bottom drain, middle is all 3 and to the right is the 2 skimmer baskets. You will have to check to see which one controls which on your pool but is simple to check, turn all the way one way and stick your hand into one of the skimmer baskets and feel for suction.Answ:: Most newer pools have a "valve assy." of sorts at the bottom of the skimmer. It is either made of plastic or brass. This rotates in one direction to either increase or decrease the suction at the skimmer. It really does not totally shut off the main drain.Other type skimmers have a system that uses a "float valve" at the bottom of the skimmer. Removing this unit from the skimmer will reveal two holes at the bottom of the skimmer. Looking down into the skimmer from the deck side of the pool ~ the hole closest to you would be the direct link to the pump. This is the port in which you would connect the vac hose. The other one is connected to the main drain and all go back to the pump from the bottom of the skimmer. The "float's" purpose is to prevent the skimmer from sucking air in the event the water level got too low. It has a floating stopper inside.If your set up has only one port at the bottom of the skimmer then you most likely have a brass or PVC valve situated just before the pump inlet. Sometimes there are multiple valves and are usually not marked as to what they control. You just have to work with a partner to find out which one does what and where.k

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