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Be sure that all speaker connections are the proper polarity. This means that the red wire goes to the '+' side of all connections. If your wires are not color coded, inspect them carefully for a small ridge running along one of the wires, or some other means of telling the wires apart. Check polarity on all connections. It's also common for Home Theater receivers to be shipped with the subwoofer output to be switched on-(rolling off the 5 surround channels to divert that bass to the sub output.)So go into the setup menu and tell it no sub-unless of course you have one.

EDIT: You have to connect the speakers to the bass module, and the bass module to the receiver, otherwise it will not work.

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Will Bose speakers work with a Panasonic home theater system?

The top of the line BOSE speakers are very good. Any of the Bose Acoustimass series speaker systems will work with a Panasonic Home Theater system.

Is Bose home theater system compatible with rocketfish wireless rear speaker kit?

I am also looking for the same answer. I am planning to buy Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV and Pioneer AV receiver model VSX 10120-K. I am checking if these speakers are compatible with Pioneer receiver.

What is the best stereo receiver to power your home theater with Bose speaker system?

Is it a Bose Acoustimass system? If so, buy at least 90-100 watts per channel receiver. Think if you also need a zone 2 for outdoor speakers, so then you can power both rooms independently. You wont be able to use a Bose Companion computer speaker system with a surround receiver.

How do you hook up the Epic cube theater system?

The speakers and subwoofer plug into your receiver.

What are receivers used for in a home theater?

You need a receiver to control all the options in your home theater. The receiver is your main unit that will directly send signals to the speakers for their best performance!

How do you match speakers to a receiver?

A good home theater receiver will have about 100 watts or more which will handle most any consumer speaker system. The speakers can be anywhere between 2 to 16 ohms.

Does Polk audio make a home theater system?

Yes Polk Audio makes home theater speakers paired with an Onkyo receiver

Will the Sherwood RX 4109 Receiver help me get theater sound at home?

It will, but you'll need some great speakers as well for your home theater.

What are the typical components of a Home Theater System?

In general a stereo receiver,a dvd player(or changer),speakers and perhaps a tv.

What does multi zone mean in home theater receivers?

Multi-Zone in home theater receivers means that the receiver can send a second source signal to a separate audio system or speakers.

The key benefit to Acoustimass Speaker technology is?

Lol Best Buy Home theater Level

How can you hook up two 300 watt amps to a Home theater receiver?

Audio out (line out) from the Home Theater to audio in (line in) on the Power Amp. If you use Preamp out on the Home Theater the Volume Control will control the volume of the Power Amp and Speakers.

Is an HDMI audio receiver needed for home theater?

You need a 5.1 Decoder and an amplifier to drive the speakers, most companies build these items into their RECEIVERS which comes with the switching you heed with most home theater systems.

What is the better set of speakers onkyo sks-ht870 7.1 theater speakers klipsch 300 5.1 theater speakers?

I would go with the KLIPSCH!

Can you link Bose speakers to a samsung home cinema system?

Some Bose speakers are designed for computers. They have amplifiers built in and usually a table-top volume control. The Companion series is this type of speaker. Bose also makes speakers that can be connected to a home theatre system. These don't have amplifiers in them, except for the subwoofer. These are the Cinemate and Acoustimass systems. Many Home-Theater-in-a-box systems use proprietary connectors for the speakers and subwoofer, and cannot be connected to speakers for other systems or from other manufacturers.

What type of speakers should I get for my surround sound home theater system?

Well, for a basic home theater system, you need two to three speakers in front of you and two or three speakers either to your sides or behind you. I'm not sure if you mean the brand or the actual variety of speakers, but home theater magazine has a buyer's guide specifically for speakers.

What is the good brand of home theater?

Your home theater doesn't have to be one brand. The TV can be one, the receiver another, and the speakers the third. The best speakers are made by companies that don't make the other two parts. For TV, go with a major brand, such as Sony, Sharp, Samsung, LG or Panasonic. For receivers, go with Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo or Harmon-kardon. For speakers, I've always had good luck with Klipsch.

What do you do if your home theater systems doesn't have enough speaker outlets?

If you have more speakers than the receiver has outlets for, you can't use them. Connecting more speakers than the amplifier is designed to handle will shorten the life of the amplifier and possibly result in a over-current shutdown.

What is a Sony str212 receiver?

The STR-212 is a stereo receiver made by Sony in the late 80's and early 90's. It is not a home theater receiver, as it has no video switching capability, no digital inputs/outputs and only supports stereo speakers (2 pairs, usually set up in 2 different rooms).

Where can I find an amplifier for Bose speakers?

Bose speakers designed for home theater / home stereo applications can be powered by any stereo or surround receiver with sufficient power output for the ratings of the speakers. Bose speakers for car stereo applications must be powered by Bose amplifiers, since they have a special super-low impedence design which is not used by other manufacturers. Bose speakers for MP3 players have their own amplifier built into the speakers.

What is Samsung Home Theater Systems?

Samsung sells Home Theatre Systems, which consist of a surround sound receiver, speakers and a subwoofer. Some systems integrate a DVD or Blu-Ray player.

What does a Complete Home Theater System include?

A Complete Home Theatre System include a few components. For example a television, video, a receiver, speakers, cables, internet connection and furniture to put it on.

How do you connect a digital optical audio cable from a tv to a home theater?

If your home theater receiver has an optical audio input, plug it from the output of the TV to the input of the receiver.

AV receivers act as the nerve center for what kind of system?

An Av receiver is considered the brains for any home theater system. It controls the sound quality of the speakers, and is an absolute must for the home watcher.

Does the Klipsch F-1 Home Theater system have all the components I need to setup my home theatre?

The Klipsch F-1 Home Theater system includes the speakers necessary for a 5.1 setup; However, other equipment such as receiver, TV, and cabling are not included.