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Check the turn signal relay under the dash. As a check, turn on your hazard (emergency) blinkers. The turn signals lights should all start blinking. These use a different relay and says the lights are okay. If this works, follow the relay clicking noise. The two relays are next to each other.

I have a 97 f150 and the blinkers did not work. They would always work for the mechanic....go figure. We finally figured out that I put the tilt steering down which separated the switch in the column...when the steering wheel was up for mechanic they would always work.

You may want to check the fuses. If the truck is 4x4, there is a 4x4 differential fuse that also controls the turn signals. I had the same problem with a 98 F150, signal lights would not work, but the hazard lights would. The 4x4 light comes on but the front axles wouldn't engage.


How Turn Signals Work

by Karim Nice The Thermal Flasher This small, cylindrical device is sometimes located in the fuse panel under the dashboard of the car. It costs about $3 in the auto parts store and works reliably for years.

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Q: What would cause the turn signals to not work in a 1999 Ford F-150?
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You are hearing a whistling noise on your 1999 Ford F150 What would cause this?

The head gasket is about to blow.....Typical ford..

Why would the turn signals stop working on my 2003 F150?

most likely would be a bad turn signal flasher

Is the 1997 f150 transmission is the same as the 1999 5.4 expedition?

Is the 1997 F150 Transmission is the same as the 1999 Expedition

1999 f150 overdrive light is blinking?

The computer that controls the component cannot do what it wants to do so it signals you to give it attention get it diagnosied by an ASE trained experianced tech

Will rims from a 1982 f150 fit a 1999 f150?

No, 97-03 F150's have a 5x135 lug pattern.

What would cause the code p0174 on a f150 4.2l v6?

vacuum leaks

What would cause your lights to flash on your 98 f150 when it is running?

emergency blinker

1999 ford f150 removing fan shroud?

To remove the fan shroud from the 1999 Ford F150 you need a user manual to guide you.

Does the key for a 1999 F150 have a chip in it?


What would cause the abs light on the dash to stay on all the time on a 1999 ford f150?

The ABS computer has detected a fault in the Antilock Braking System. Often it is a wheel speed detector or a modulator.

How do change a speed sensor on a 1999 F150?

The speed sensor is mounted in the top of the rear differential on a 1999 F150. Remove the wires, then unbolt the sensor to remove it.

How do I remove the spare tire in a 1999 Ford F150?

Removing the spare tire from a 1999 Ford F150 is simple. All you have to do is get under the truck and unbolt the spare tire.

Would your truck cap from 1988 f150 fit on 2000 f150?

no it would not.

Will an 2005 f150 engine computer and wire harness and engine work in a 1999 f150?

i seriously doubt it. there have been several engine modifications to the the Triton v8s since 1999.

Why would all your turn signals work and not your rear passenger turn signal and brake light but your rear running light works on a ford 1999 f-f150 I CHANGED THE MULTI FUNCTION SWITCHSOCKET AND BULB?

Check ground on that fixture short in the wiring it sounds like

How big is a 1999 F150 gas tank?

26 gallons

How much freon in 1999 ford f150?

2LB. 12OZ.

Does a 1999 ford f150 have a sight glass for the transmission fluid?


Where is the right turn signal fuse location on a 1999 Ford F150 super cab?

Only 1 fuse for turn signals--if others are working could be a bad flasher, bad bulb, or problem in steering column

Why would the low range light come on when you are in high range 4x4 on a 1999 Ford F150?

a range is were a cowboy washes his bull.

How can you get your turn signals to work on your f150 ford van?

Check fuse and turn signal flasher relay.

Would a bad fuel filter on a Ford F150 cause it to not start on both fuel tanks?

That would be a bad fuel pump in that tank

What would cause a 1994 ford f150 truck not to start?

There are a couple of a reasons why a 1994 Ford F150 truck will not start. The truck may have a dead battery or the spark plugs need to be replaced.

Blinker and brake lights quite working on a 1993 ford f150?

A bad ground wire is the most common cause of turn signals and brake lights not working. The ground wire connection might be corroded.

What would cause the headlights to stop working on a Ford F150?

The headlights in the Ford F150 may have stopped working due to a bad fuse or bulb. Check these and if it doesn't fix the problem visit a mechanic.