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You need to go to your doctor. Blocked cardiac arteries can cause this as well as pain being referred to these areas from other organs such as your gall bladder. Any time you are experiencing upper Back pain in combination with abnormal feelings in the chest, you consult a doctor immediately.

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Q: What would cause upper back pain sometimes accompanied with chest spasms?
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What causes right chest muscle spasms?

There are several different things that can cause muscle spasms in the right chest area. Some of these things include dehydration, a pinched nerve, and a slipped disc.

Why do you have burps that taste like sulfur sometimes?

Yes. Accompanied with burning chest. Don't know why.

Can asthma cause chest pain?

Yes, sometimes asthma can cause chest pain. Anytime a person has chest pain, they need to seek emergency treatment from a doctor or ER.

Does gastritis cause rattle sound in chest?

No. Gastritis can cause pain in the upper chest and sometimes gassiness or diarrhea. If it is bad enough to cause bleeding it can cause anemia and occasionally be a precursor to an ulcer. Rattling in the chest sounds more like a lung problem such as bronchitis.

Can syphilis cause chest pains?

Syphilis will not cause chest pain.

Can acid reflux cause the pain in your back and shoulders too?

It can sometimes. It will make your chest hurt but sometimes the pain shoots to your back and they can shoot up to your shoulders from there

What does it mean if you have chest pains over your ribs?

Pains in the chest can sometimes be an indication of a very serious medical condition. However, tight back muscles can press onto nerves going around your chest to cause you pains in the ribs.

Can pleurisy cause back and chest pain?

yes it can cause back and chest pain.

What would cause a tightness in the upper right chest?

sometimes if a person suffers from anxiety or panic attacks it will causes tightness or discomfort in either side of the chest how ever you should obviously seek medical attention for any chest pain!

Can stress cause chest pain?

If you already have cardiovascular disease, then yes, stress can cause chest pain, or even a heart attack, so be careful.

Does cirrhosis affect chest hair?

Men sometimes lose chest hair

What is wrong if you have muscle spasms in your chest followed by frequent urination?

I don't know, I'm not a doctor, but I think you should go see one.

Why wont Minecraft chest open?

Sometimes it is lag. But in this case, it seems like you have a block on top of your chest. If you put a block on your chest, the chest wont open.

What if your chest hurts?

If your chest hurts, contact a doctor as soon as possible. There are several conditions that can cause the chest to hurt.

Does anxiety cause your chest to hurt?

Anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms to emerge. If the feeling in the chest is related to an excessive heart rate, this goes in hand with anxiety. Sometimes multiple symptoms can emerge, but the cause can be multiple problems. Regardless, I strongly recommend talking a doctor. A doctor can fully assess the symptoms and make a diagnosis that can be life-changing.

What is this you get sometimes once or twice pain in left side of your chest?

It could be musculo skeletal pain . Will need full investigation by a Physician to find the exact cause

What can cause hard pressure on the chest but not winded?

Pressure on the chest can indicate cardiac/heart problems. Chest 'pain' is not necessarily felt as 'pain' but can be described as tightness or pressure on the chest and can radiate to the neck, jaw, arm ( especially left arm) or back. It can also be accompanied with sweating and nausea. This can be caused by lack of oxygen to the heart and lead to a heart attack. Chest pressure caused be lack of oxygen can be noticed with activity and then relieved with rest. This is something that can be very serious and needs to be evaluated by a physician right away.

Can a chest injury cause a concussion?

Only if the chest injury causes you to hit your head.

Can a pulled muscle in the chest be painful to breath?

These muscles can sometimes be strained and can lead to chest pain in that area.

Do men in their sixties grow chest hair?


Is sharp left shoulder pain accompanied with nausea a symptom of heart disease?

Nausea and should pain alone may not be suggestive of a heart attack unless accompanied with chest pain and possibly shortness of breath.

Does NuvaRing cause chest pains?


What can cause heaviness in your chest after surgery?


Can not sleeping cause chest pains?


What can cause heartattacks?

chest pains or mildpain discomfort chest pains or mild pain discomfort