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What would cause you to be sick after swimming in a salt water pool?

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If you accidently swallowed some of the salt water. Unless the sanitary conditions were extremely poor you may not have gotten sick from the pool water. However, on the other hand if you had something to eat that dat that did not agree with you - this may be your answer.

2009-11-16 20:55:48
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Can a leaking swimming pool cause a sinkhole?

It would cause excessive mud and the swimming pool would sink slightly. It would only cause a sinkhole if there was a hole underground under the pool.

How do you measure swimming pool water?

in feet,example:if the side of the swimming pool says 4ft the length of the swimming pool would be 4 feet

Can a salt water swimming pool cause color loss in towels?

I am not sure if the salt would cause color loss, However the chlorine can.

How would you classify swimming pool water?


What gas is added in the water of swimming pool?

Unless you have an ozonator, which would inject ozone (O3) to sanitize, there are no gases added to the water of a swimming pool.

What would cause a a skin rash every time after swimming in any pool?

probably an allergic reaction to the chlorine in the water

Can you swim in a pool that has foam in it?

Depends on how thick the foam is and how much. Some pool chemicals cause a foam on the surface of the water when added to the pool water, but if you added dish soap to the water that foam would ruin the pool filter and swimming in it wouldn't be good.

Can I put a water trampoline in my swimming pool?

I would not suggest a water trampoline for your home swimming pool. You can not control the trajectory when you jump and injuries could be caused if you strike the pool skirt.

What is a wading pool?

A swimming pool,swimming bath,wading pool, or simply apool, is an artificially enclosed body ofwaterintended forswimmingor water-basedrecreation.

Would swimming pool water cause vaginal bleeding the day after swimming?

Not that i know of.. Its impossible to bleed whilst swimming anyway but i dont know whether when you get out it just starts bleeding. Its beyond me.

Is a swimming pool water a solute or a solvent?

Swimming pool water is JUST water. Water is usually a solvent.

Does swimming in a chlorinated pool cause skin darkening?

yes, chlorinated water does cause skin darkening

How much water is in a swimming pool?

I depends on what type of pool your are swimming at. Like if one pool you are swimming at is 12 feet and a different pool is 5 feet the is going to be more water is the 12 foot swimming pool.It depends on the size of the pool.

How does your body cause the water in a swimming pool to get warmer?

its not always the pool getting warmer. sometimes staying in water for a long period of time can cause you body to warm up.

What is the volume of water in a swimming pool?

That would completely depend upon the size and shape of the pool.

What does Swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish mean?

it means your swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish.....get out!

Would water in a swimming pool be measured in quarts or in gallons?


How do you test swimming pool water?

Swimming pool water can be what ever temperature you would like it to be just not too cold or too hot just need to have a little relaxation. :)

Solute and solvent swimming pool water?

The solvent would be water, the solute would be the chlorine chemicals

What is the solvent and solute of swimming pool water?

The solvent would be water, the solute would be the chlorine chemicals.

Is it safe to fill a large swimming pool with bubble bath?

I would not recommend it, the bubbles could get into the pipes of the pool which could cause problems with the water that runs out of the pipe. It is also could affect the chlorine in the pool.

Why add hydrochloric acid to swimming pool?

Reduces alkalinity of swimming pool water (softens hard water)

How do you get a swimming pool ready for swimming?

put water in it

What is the element that is used in swimming pool?

Chlorine is added to swimming pool water to disinfect it.

What is water in swimming pool is it compound or mixture?

Water in a swimming pool is compound because the water and chlorine have been chemically combined.