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What would cause you to have pain in your lower right abdomen and right leg?

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Hi there! I'm not an expert or a physician, but I can tell you that I have been experiencing similar pain that you are describing for about five years. I'm a woman, so this would only apply if you have that oh so famous X chromosome. Anyway, for me the pain is more like a dull ache that seems to worsen at certain times of the month. It is concentrated in the lower right pelvic area (feels like it is in the abdominal area, too), and at times radiates down my right leg. My regular doctor originally diagnosed it as chronic pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. After more symptoms developed, I finally requested to see a specialist. I lucked out and was set up to see the head of gynecology at a local hospital. She ran a series of tests and finally told me that she suspected endometriosis. The only way to know for sure was to undergo a pelvic laparoscopy. I didn't want to be put under and have never had any type of surgery before, but after discussing it with my family, I decided to go ahead with the procedure. It wasn't all that bad and I find out with certainty that I did have endometriosis. The doctor removed what she could, but explained that there could be more. My saga continues because I still have the symptoms and the dull ache. At times, it really interferes with my life and drags me down. So far, I have tried three different therapies - to no avail. I usually don't get too personal here, but this is a topic that I have become very passionate about. It is so misunderstood and there is no cure. So if anyone reading this is living with endometriosis, you're not alone. Hopefully by speaking out, when can accelerate the learning curve and find out what causes this horrible disease and take steps to cure it. I had pains just like that and mine were from pessure on the sciatic nerve. As you can see it really could be anything, go and see a doctor.

2006-07-08 16:54:36
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Q: What would cause you to have pain in your lower right abdomen and right leg?
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What would cause pain in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen?

what would cause sharp pain in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen when you breath deep

Are there muscles in your right abdomen that you could pull which would cause pain?

Yes. There are muscles in your right abdomen that you could pull which would cause pain.

What would cause testicular pain and in the lower abdomen?

could be a herina

What could be the cause of sharp pain in the lower right abdomen when one sneezes?

If you winded yourself that would be sore. the answerer did it last night

Why would lower left abdomen hurt?

It's not appendicitis, because that would entail pain in the lower right part.

What would cause a dull constent pain on left side of lower abdomen especially when lying on right side?

If you are in pain you should go and see your doctor about it.

What would cause a Vibration in the groin area?

Look up pulsating in lower abdomen at

Do kidney stones cause headaches?

It would be very unusual for a kidney stone to cause a headache. They cause pain in the lower abdomen, where the kidney is located.

What would cause pain in your left side from your lower back around to your lower abdomen and accompanied with nausa?

Internal Bleeding..Go to a hospital.

Pain in the appendix would be felt in what quadrant of the abdomen?

First you have pain in umbilical quadrat. Later on it get shifted to right and lower side of the abdomen. That quadrant is called as right iliac fossa.

Can ovarian cancer cause vaginal bleeding?

Not always. The more typical symptoms would be lower back aches. A sense of bloating of the lower abdomen.

What is bi-estrogen?

Would bi- estrogen cause soreness along my right/ left hip bone and tail bone if cream is applied at the lower part of my abdomen near the hip?

What could cause Pain in my lower left abdomen?

A hard kick or punch would do it. more info might help you.

What causes pain in lower right abdomen and a sharp underarm pain at the same time?

Normally I would suspect a kidney stone as the source of pain in the lower right abdomen, but that would not account for the additional pain in the underarm . Honestly, I think you should be examined by a doctor. A pinched nerve cluster maybe, but he is right about the kidney stones

What would cause a tremor in the lower right abdomen?

1. Colonic spasm 2. Partially obstructed urinary flow from the kidney to the bladder, stone disease. 3. Localized tremors of neuromuscular disease.

Would a gallbladder attack cause lower leg numbness?

would a gall baldder attack cause pain in my lower abdom days later and numbness in my right leg and right hand

What organ is on the lower right quadrant?

It would depend on what you are talking about. Presumably you are asking about the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, and though there is more than one organ located here, you are probably looking for the appendix.

What would cause your lower right side in your back to hurt?


What would cause burning when urinating and intercourse and also a pain in the lower left abdomen?

Possible tumor. But its most likely a Kidney Stone.

What would cause pain in the right lower side and back?

Muscle spazms

What does cramping in your lower abdomen indicate?

There are probably dozens, if not hundreds of conditions for which cramping in the lower abdomen would not be unusual. WikiAnswers is probably not your best source of information for this question.

You keep getting a shooting pain in your lower abdomen on the right side?

Your appendix is probobly not working properly so I would check out a docter

What would cause a sharp pain in your lower right side?

a needle! a needle! a needle!

What would cause swelling on the right side of your abdomen?

Swelling on the right side of your abdomen can be caused by many things, some harmful, some not. Seeing a doctor can rule out tumors and serious health problems. It could also just be a cyst or constipation.

What causes dull pain on the lower left front side groin area of the abdomen?

There are a number of things that can cause this. My first guess would be a hernia. Better get it checked out.