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What would cause your 1996 Chevy Tahoe to bog down or hesitate when you press on the gas pedal?



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I had these telltale signs on mine and it turned out to be the beginnign of a weak fuel pump. It eventually set a check engine light. IS your fuel pump getting noisier? As in humming or buzzing? I changed out my fuel filter to buy some time and the pump would go okay for a while and then do it again. Mine woudl do it mostly when trying to pass another car on the highway and in O/D and just pressing the accelerator you would feel it hesitate and stumble and then either kick down a gear or set the check engine light. I also had these signs on my 1995 Tahoe 4x4. Replaced fuel pump & filter- Nothing / Replaced Throttle position sensor-Nothing / Replaced fuel pump relay-Nothing / Removed air filter assy to see injectors pumping fuel into carb- Getting GREAT flow but has dead spot at about 2K RPM. I could physically see the flow decrease as I pushed the gas cable from under the hood. Got frustrated enough to REMOVE injectors to clean em.(Throwing straws at it now)The mounting plate that holds the injectors also houses the fuel pressure regulator. It was totally clogged with grease and oil. I cleaned it GOOD and reinstalled- RAN LIKE A FREAKIN CHAMP= Thought I'd share before someone else sets their Chevy on fire. Good luck -