What would cause your eye to get red and irritated if you do not put your contacts in right away in the mornings?

Because of our environment (dust and many pollutants) many people suffer from "dry eye." It is always best to see a specialist regarding your condition to be sure you have not scratched the cornea or that you don't have an infection of some sort. If it is "dry eye" there are special drops that you can put in your eyes to keep them moist.

Also, if it's just in the morning, check out your pillow. Pillows can contain dust particles and I hate to say this (mites) in some cases. Feathered pillows or a new foam pillow is much better. A pillow should be changed approximately every 8 - 12 months. Just a little hint: Wash your pillow every month in a mild detergent. (no fabric softener) and tumble dry.


Sounds like you may be coming down with one of the forms of pink eye such as:

1. Simply irritated or inflamed eye tissue possibly from over wearing contact lenses.

2. An eye infection from a virus giving a watery discharge or pus from bacteria.

3. An allergic response causing the eyes to itch and produce mucus