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4 way flashers and turn signals both have a "flasher can" in the system to make the lights flash

the turn signal and 4 way flashers are controlled independantly of each other

try replacing the flasher can for the 4 way flashers

it is obvious that the bulbs are ok because they work on turn signals

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Q: What would fix emergency 4-way flasher in a 98 VW Jetta TDI when the outside lights won't flash but the red indicator light on the module lights up steadily and turn signals are normal?
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Where do you find indicator flasher relay on a Suzuki gs500f motorcycle?

On the right side, under the seat, behind the plastics. If you remove rear plastics you will see it mounted on the outside of the frame near the batt. There are 2 units there. The one nearest to the front wheel is the flasher relay. That's how it is on my 04

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Where is the turn indicator flasher on a 2000 Dodge Durango 4x4?

The turn indicator flasher is actually a relay and for the 2000 up years its under the dash, to the left of the instrument panel. If you could look straight up, it will be within inches of the outside and you almost need to be an acrobat to change it. If you are towing things often, you may want to upgrade to a higher rated amp. From the factory, this is Green. It should be in the fuse box in the 2000 models. On 2001 and newer, it is under the driver's side dash, just above the data link connector. UNDER THE LEFT END OF INSTRUMENT PANEL, IN THE FUSE BLOCK, ON THE BACK OF JUNCTION BLOCK.

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You need a new flasher. I had the same problem & the unit needed replcement. They have had numerous problems w/ the flasher.

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What if your turnig signal on the bash is on and is solid but the outside lights arent working?

Turn Signal WoesWhen you activate the turn signal lever, electrical current is fed to the indicator light(s) in/on the instrument panel, AND to a RELAY [an electrically controlled switch which automatically turns its electrical output on and off repeatedly to create the "flashing"] which turns the current on to the turn on the signal lamps [bulbs].Since the dashboard indicator light (s) work is an indication that the first part of the circuit [to the flasher relay(commonly just called the "flasher)] is working properly.The fact that the lights do not turn on suggests that the flasher relay is defective and needs to be replaced. Either that, OR ALL of the turn signal lamps [bulbs] are burned out [very highly unlikely!!!!!].Usually, the flasher relay is located on/in the fuse panel or close by. Most flasher relays are aluminum colored, and are a cylindrical device about one inch in diameter and about 3/4s of an inch high, and they simply "plug" into a receptacle via pins on the base of the relay.Simply unplug the flasher relay from the panel and take it to any auto parts supply store [even Walmart has 'em], and get an identical replacement, plug it in, and you should have turn signals again.

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