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Q: What would happen if carbon was not recycled?
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What would happen if the abiotic environment wasn't recycled?

Well none of us would get the carbon and h20 we need!

How is carbon recycled from dead insects?

How is carbon in a bead insect recycled

How does carbon get recycled?

Carbon get recycled by the use of human and animals they inhale it.

What is being recycled in the carbon cycle?

oxygen is being recycled in the carbon cycle

If water carbon dioxide and nitrogen were not recycled what would the effect be on earth?

there would be no oxygen on earth.

Is carbon recycled?

carbon recycling is when u recycle carbon

What is the difference between carbon cycle and and oxygen cycle?

Their is recycled air in the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle and no recycled air in the carbon cycle.

How is coal recycled?

Coal can not be recycled. Once it's burnt, it's just ash, carbon and carbon dioxide.

Why is it necessary for carbon to be recycled?

cause it does ;(

Is carbon recycled in the biosphere?

Yes it is.

How do carbon atoms get to Earth?

The carbon atoms that are already here are recycled. When plants and animals die, all the elements they have are recycled and reused.

Which two carbon compounds are recycled in the carbon and oxygen cycles?

Carbon dioxide and sugar