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Of course, and there's no reason not to treat it. There are even over the counter remedies available. Yeast infections can lead to much more serious conditions. Your body would deal with it eventually unless your immune system is suppressed as it would deal with any infection.

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Q: What would happen if you had a yeast infection and never got it treated and could you become very sick?
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What would happen if an absessed tooth is not treated for five years?

You could become septic, the infection could spread to your brain. You are also at VERY high risk for cardiovascular disease and damage if it isn't dealt with in a timely manner.

Can a bladder infection cause miscarriage?

If the bladder infection was bad enough, it is possible that it could cause a miscarriage if not treated. Any infection that isn't treated can cause damage in the body.

Can you die if an abscessed tooth busts open?

ANY infection needs to be treated immediately with antibiotics, as you could become VERY sick if the infection enters your bloodstream. If you get "blood poisoning" and it goes untreated you could possibly die.

Does my boyfriend need to treated if you have a bacterial yeast infection?

no,because he could get somthing

Could you die from kidney infection?

yes from blood poisoning if you don't get it treated

You were treated for trichomoniasis but you still have some discomfort?

There could be a yeast infection from the medication which is causing your discomfort. In addition, there could be another infection that was missed during diagnosis.

What could happen if you don't treat eczema?

It could spread and cause a secondary skin infection or possibly advance into cellulitis. I have severe eczema. I was born with it and it is best to talk to you doctor or go to a dermatologist to have it treated specifically.

You are 36 weeks and might have a water infection what will happen?

You might go into preterm labor. Not too serious for the baby at this stage, but get it treated as it may go up to your kidneys which could be serious for you.

My guinea pig has started to make a wheezing kind of noise my aunt is a vet and got her some medicine what do you think it could be?

That wheezing noise could be a sign of a respiratory (breathing) infection, Which can become serious and if not treated fatal.

What are potential risks of infection within the workplace?

There are many potential risks of infection within the workplace. One risk for infection could come from another worker who comes in to work with a transferable illness like the flu. Another risk for infection could be an infection from a cut that is not treated properly.

If your dog has an ear infection could it cause his eyes to be swollen and also the side of his face?

If your dog has an ear infection it definitely could cause his eyes to be swollen. Infections can travel if not treated.

Yeast infection followed by late period with brown spotting?

I had the same thing happen to me and I was pregnant. I would take a test to make sure. You should not be treated for a yeast infection until you are 12 weeks along. I had to live with it for that long and then I could treat it.

What could be wrong if you have light green stuff coming out of your vagina?

You could have an STD or an infection. You need to see your doctor asap to be treated.

Why is d and c necessary?

A dead body produces bacteria that could cause a infection. If you leave a decomposing fetus in a body the bacteria could cause a infection in the uturus that could lead to infertility or death if not treated immediatly.

Why could I consistently have pain on my face?

A couple possible causes of pain on the face could be sinus infection or allergies, and should be treated by a doctor.

Why cross eyed after an ear infection?

A child wakes up one morning, cross eyed. She has had an ear infection...could the ear infection cause this to happen to her eyes?

What would happen if you nut why being treated for Trichomoniasis?

If you ejaculate while being treated for trichomoniasis, you won't affect treatment. If you have sex with someone while being treated, you could infect the partner, and the partner could then reinfect you.

What is cause of chronic nausea?

Chronic nausea could be caused by many things. It could be a viral or bacterial infection. It could also be food poisoning that has not been treated.

Can you give a yeast infection to your partner through sex?

Yes if you are infected with it and you have sex before it is properly treated, you could infect him/her then they could reinfect you with it again.

What is yellow cottage like stuff in your vagina?

Probably a vaginitis or fungal infection...yeast infection. If not treated properly, you could become sick and/or damage your reproductive organs. You should see your PCP or OB/GYN. You could get over-the-counter treatments and see if that helps your symptoms, but I would recommend your doctor. Sounds like it has gone on too long.

Could sinus infection causeyou to become disoriented?

Yes it is quite possible.

Is it possible that made up characters exists?

Possibility that a zombie infection could happen..

Dog has infection in toenail is now shivering has questionable fever?

go to the vet. it could be an infection that is now in the dogs blood, or possibly some other infection but either way its not heathy and needs to be treated as soon as possible.

What happens if you don't cure a yeast infection?

The infection could become more serious. For instance, Athletes Foot is an infection, usually, between the toes. If left too long, cracking and flacking skin can become irritating and painful.

How can sinus infections affect hearing?

Your sinuses and your ear canals are connected. If you have a bad sinus infection and is not treated properly, you can easily get an ear infection. It also could just plug up your ear canals (by plug up i generally mean that the ear canal may become inflamed and therefore smaller), and it could make it somewhat harder to hear. But mostly it would be the ear infection that would be most likely.