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Most Likely The Foil Would Burn, Due To The Microwave. Then The CD May Or May Not Heat Up, Due It Being A Hard Plastic. Then Again The Inside May Be Dark So It Would Heat Up. Heck Get A Book At The Libary And Read Up On Microwave Ovens, Bet You Will Be Fasicnated The microwave would catch on fire, because of the metal in it. KABOOM!!!

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Does a petri dish melt if microwaved for 3 minutes?

Petri dishes are generally made out of glass, so they will not melt if microwaved. If it is made of plastic, it may melt - but I would not expect it to.

What would happen if you got a volcanic mountain broke a kilogram off it microwaved it and then fed it to your pet hamster?

your hamster would die

What would happen if Donald Trump was president of the US?

USA would be gone in 5 minutes

Would a frog pop if it got microwaved?

Probably .. but I'm pretty sure that's illegal!

What would happen to your pulse rate after you've ran in ten minutes?

It would increase and be a lot faster.

What would happen if someone had cyanide?

If you took cyanide, then you would most likely die within minutes.

If you put ice and lemonade in a Styrofoam cup what would happen after 20 minutes?

You get diluted lemonade.

How do you use wrapped in a sentence?

Example sentence - He thought of how happy his mother would be as he wrapped the gift he made for her.

Which would melt first ice wrapped with plastic or aluminum foil?

ice wrapped in aluminum foil

What would happen if you drank one us gallon of water in five minutes?

You would throw it up like a gallon of milk.

What would happen if you ran for one minute then stopped for ten minutes?

you can get relaxed nothing great than that.......

Did Miley Cyrus almost kill her dog?

i don't think she would have otherwise rspca would have found out and they would have given her a punishment like the boy who microwaved his bro's hamster

How long do you bake chicken wrapped in aluminum foil?

Boneless, skinless chicken breast can bake in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. This would depend on how big the chicken pieces are also.

What would happen to the taste of a pretzel if kept in mouth for 15 minutes?

A pretzel would probably disintegrate if you kept in your mouth that long. If there's anything left by the time 15 minutes is up, it probably would be tasteless mush.

What would happen to DNA if it were not wrapped around proteins?

It won't be able to fit in the nucleus or inside the cell, even. DNA is extremely long that it has to be super-coiled around proteins.

What would happen if atmospheric pressure came near a black hole?

Black holes are out in space. Atmosphere is wrapped around a planet. If a planet and its atmosphere came near enough to a black hole they would be pulled into it.

What is an inclined plane wrapped in a circle?

It would be a screw.

What would happen if there were no men on earth?

Women would have to figure out how to go on without us. I'd imagine that would take about 7 minutes. Human species would die out!

Suppose you wrapped an iron bar with wire and connected the ends of the wire to a battery what is this device called what would happen to this device if you disconnected the battery?

This would be an Electromagnet...... If the battery is disconnected, then the iron bar will become a permanent magnet.

What would happen if a person had a seizure for 30 minutes?

Each case is different so it is impossible to say what exactly would happen, but that would be a very serious seizure. Anyone having a seizure lasting that long should be transferred to hospital.

What is an incline plane wrapped around called?

A screw is simply thought of to be a inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder, an inclined plane just wrapped around nothing would make it a cone.

What would happen if the muscular system stopped working?

You would sufficate and die within about ten minutes unless you were hooked up to a breathing machine.

How do you lose 100 pounds in 2 and a half minutes?

Losing weight as much as 100 lbs can't happen in just a couple of minutes. It would likely take months.

What would happen to an engine if you did not put any oil in it The car would not work?

If the engine was void of any oil it would seize in the matter of minutes and yes the car would not work.

What would happen after 5 minutes when a deshelled raw egg is put in water?

It is an isotonic solution. That's why there is no change in egg.