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fast moving Golf ball.

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Q: What would have a larger wavelength a slow moving proton or a fast moving golf ball?
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What would have the larger wavelength a slow moving proton or a fast-moving golf ball?

fast moving golf ball.

Why would a fast-moving golf ball have a larger wavelength than a slow moving proton?

a golf ball, only if it is made of gold because of the very specific atomic mass of gold.

Would a vibrating proton produce an electromagnetic wave?

A vibrating proton IS an electromagnetic wave. The E.M. wavelength is a measurment of how fast the proton is vibrating.

a proton and electron have the same kinetic energywhich has longer wavelength?

the electron would have the longer wavelength b/c the proton has more momentum and λ=h/p (λ is wavelength, h is planc's constant and p is momentum)

A wave with the shortest wavelength?

So far in the electromagnetic spectrum we have gamma radiations having the shortest wavelength. In case of de Broglie's waves the matter waves of massive objects such as an iron ball moving at a faster rate would have the shortest wavelength which could not be measured even. So we declare that only light particles such as electron, proton, neutron or alpha particle, deutron moving at higher speeds would act as a wave with shortest wavelength.

If you looked closely could you see the wavelength of a fast moving car?

In theory, according to de Broglie, any moving object would have a wavelength; but the wavelength of large sized objects, such as a car, or even a speck of dust, would be too small to measure.

If a wave is moving at a constant speed and the wavelength is doubled what will happen to the frequency?

IF a wave moving at a constant speed were to have it's wavelength doubled (Wavelength x 2), then the frequency of the wave would be half of what it originally was (Frequency / 2).

How would the spectral lines of a star change when moving closer towards earth?

It would change by shifting to the wavelength blue.

Would a larger mass moving slowly have the least momentum?

Yes, they would have a momentum. ^^

What would be the frequency of a photon moving at the speed of light with a wavelength of 100 meters?

Frequency = (speed)/(wavelength) = 299,792,458/100 = 2,997,924.58 Hz.BTW . . . Photons always move at the speed of light.

What would happen to the wavelength of a wave if the frequency is halved?

The wavelength would double.

If a proton had a mass of 1 what is the mass of an electron and neutron relative to the mass of the proton?

If a proton would be 1, an electron would be 0.000544. An electron is 1,836 times lighter than a proton. A neutron would be 1.001 as a proton is 99.86% the mass of a neutron

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